The Fourth Trimester

It’s the top of the week! And I am sitting here with my waist trainer on talking to you.
I started my workout journey, if that’s what you want to call it last week. But this week I want to go harder though. Turn it up a notch ya know. Tomorrow I will be working out by 7:30 a.m. so. I be stroking!!! Ha-ha!!! I don’t know why that song popped in my head! Like it legit just popped up. Ha-ha. I don’t know Chile. I be tripping. (Bubbly personality.) For those who know me personally are laughing right now.
Side bar:
Sooo, why is it that women feel like ‘snapping back’ is so necessary?
Wait, let me break this down so that you can understand me and not misconstrue my words. Mm…k? Mm…k.
I done been on social media (Of course, where else would it be right?) and have read comments under a new mother’s pictures, calling them fat, and “I hope you lose that weight.” Like, what? Who does that? Truth moment:
After I had Naomi, I hated my body. Yeah, hated it. I had just started working out right before I got pregnant. Before I moved to Ohio, I lost like over 20 pounds. I had a trainer, I was running marathons and everything. I loved how I mentally conditioned my mind to put forth some serious effort in making working out a life style. I was proud of myself! I AM proud of myself. I’m getting up at 6;46 in the morning with a two year old to workout! When I got pregnant, I was even more proud. But why is it that no one talks about the fourth trimester?
I had a C-section and it took me a little bit longer to be able to work out. The weight that I lost before I was able to work out came from me breastfeeding and just, just not eating. I didn’t have time. It was either, sleep or eat. For those who know what I’m talking about know. Heck, you be too tired to put the fork to ya mouth and even chew Chile. I ain’t lying.
But yeah, to tell you the truth, I was first more so eager to lose weight, so I could snap back too ya know.
And why, why did I allow the celebrities on social media to make me feel some kind of way? No shade, please believe me. Because if I had it, I’d get these boobs lifted. Which for real, it’s been a thought. All I’m saying is,  for some folk they have a little snap back help. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. I was looking for help with a flash light Chile! But all I could was get my tail in the gym and eat right. Hence the no pork, no beef that became permanent.
I said all of that (ha-ha) to say this, do you boo, and congratulations!!! If you naturally snap back good for you!! (No for real. I say that with no sarcasm at all.) But for those who don’t, like myself. March to the beat of your own drum. You just birthed a life that belongs to you, that you felt grow in you for months! To have something growing inside of you is amazing, Like, I was like there is a God. Ain’t no way the universe did all tis. Take ya time. Listen to your body and soak up the moments.
They grow fast.
I’m Just Saying…

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