Think BIG!

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Because you become what you believe.” -Oprah Winfrey

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t. I’m going to say that again. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you can’t. Read that as many times as you need to. Like I’ve heard before and I’m sure you have too. Look down the bread aisle, the cereal aisle, and the chip aisle. It’s a variety and somebody is eating at least one of them! So, if they all doing hair. You can too! If they are opening up a boutique. So can you. If they selling hair. You better sell yours too! If they writing a book. Write yours too! And so forth and so on. I don’t give a dog on how many people have a blog. I’m sho gone have mines. What someone else has, has absolutely nothing at all to do with me, mmmkay. Don’t allow someone else’s get up and grind cause you to stumble in your own walk of success. If anything let them motivate you. You are you and they are they. Don’t let people and what they have going on effect what you have or inspire to have. No one can replicate you. There will be plenty of people, matter of fact millions of people who will have the same job, career, or business as you. But the difference in that is no one is you! Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you can’t!


Also and always put God first! Put Him first Chile in everything you do. Pray for what you want. Don’t you eva be the one to cut your own self short. Don’t be the demise of your own success. Because nothing and I do mean nothing is to big or too hard for God. Oh yeah, don’t play victim to your failures when you’re barely putting your best foot forward and rarely being consistent. In the mist of your journey always walk by faith and not by sight. Because your vision won’t always be clear.

You must always appreciate and respect your quiet time. These are the times where you can think and gather yourself. Okay, so check this out. Anyone who knows me personally or reads my blogs consistently knows that I love me some music right? I mean I loooove music. I listen to music literally every day. My children will definitely be adults talking about that. But there are times when I need it to be quiet. Majority of the time when I’m in the car I’m riding with my family so I can’t get my groove on to the full capacity Chile. Cause let me tell ya! I goes in! The few times I’m alone is when I’m driving to the nail shop. Sometimes my oldest daughter (Naomi) goes with me to get her nails and toes done too. She really enjoys that. But then there are times when I go to the nail shop alone. I need that me time ya know. And because I finally realize how crucial and important me time is I no longer feel guilty about it. I can’t pour from a empty cup. Those times when I’m riding to the nail shop alone I blast my music as loud as I can stand it and I be sanging to the top of my lungs. I be thinking I’m Whitney Houston, Fantasia, Monica, and Faith Evans all in one. But sometimes I need peace and quiet. Just shhh. I pray. I meditate. And for the record meditating doesn’t have to be loud chanting while sitting crossed legged. Cause I personally ain’t into all that. I just need quiet to clear my mind and fuel it with thangs that will feed me. Nourish me. Not deprive me. I need to hear God. Feel Him. I just need a moment to pray out loud and be in my own natural feelings. Ya know, become one with myself. It’s so many people who are easily intimated by other peoples thoughts and opinions. I used to be! But once I got to know me and understand me, and start to love me some me. I started to lead and not follow. I don’t get detoured or distracted by other peoples thoughts and opinions. And don’t you eitha! Ya know, nay sayers, gossipers, haters, and they secretly wish they were you, people who mean you no good. I have been marching to the beat of my own drum for years now and it feels daaaaamn good!! The more I tune folks out. The more I tune into myself.

That is why it’s soooo important to surround yourself with like minded people. People who have drive and are driven by good energy and good vibes. Not people who are still complaining and whining about thangs that happened years ago and yesterday but ain’t done nothing today to make it better. Yes, we all go through thangs. And it can sometimes be hard to get a grip. But I’m here to tell ya don’t keep calling me if you ain’t tryna find a solution to the problem. I retired from throwing pity parties for people and myself awhile ago. So with that being said, surround yourself with people that you can genuinely connect with. I love to be around a person or people whose energy is so positive and refreshing that it’s infectious! It’s nothing like bouncing good vibes, sharing good energy, creativity, and successful moves with one another. I loooove it!

I know I have a high energy personality. I’m passionate. I’m loud, assertive, and I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I love people I can be my complete authentic self around. The people who genuinely enjoy who I am. Me. (Shout out to ya’ll.) The days that I entertained folk that I felt I had to dummy myself down for are long gone. I am aware that I may be too much for some people. And that is just fine. I ain’t fa everybody and everybody ain’t fa me!

(Clears throat.)

I’m Just Saying…

Okay Chile. So, I said all that to say this. Stop putting limits on yourself and your life but expecting more. Don’t be a disservice to ya self. Pray BIG. Dream BIG. (Dreams without goals are just dreams.) Think BIG. And work towards it! Faith is sooo important. However, faith without works is dead. Discipline. Consistency. Don’t allow fear, (Talking to myself right now too.) don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Because real talk, I rather try and fail than to live a life full of what ifs. One thang that I am very proud of myself about is that I don’t allow other people to plant their seeds of fear in me. I’m in my own dog on way!

Chile you better do you! I’m tryna tell ya. A lot of people fear what they don’t understand so don’t you worry about them folk. And always be stronger than your excuses.

Mmmkay! (Two snaps and a twist.)

God Bless ya Chile.

You got this and I am so rooting for you!


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