Walls Down.

When I became a military wife, I already knew my do’s and dont’s of what I wanted to experience and not experience while my husband serves this hell hole of a country we’re living in. Now, of course there’s a lot of things I cannot control. Thank God for Jesus, I let Him handle those things. But where He gave me wisdom I am wise!

This military life is temporary. And while in it, I want to experience the good, the bad, the ups, downs, and all around with my husband. Hence I said, my husband. I ain’t got time for other folk. One things for sure and two things for certain, I DO NOT DO DRAMA! Most people say that, but what I see sometimes is different. I don’t need it, don’t want it, and I can’t thrive off of it. So I do not entertain it. What they say? PERIOD‼️Anyone who knows me personally knows if I’m lying, I’m flying. I ain’t got time. I ain’t got time. I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I can’t say it enough. People will drain you if YOU ALLOW IT. PEOPLE AND THEIR PROBLEMS WILL DRAIN YOU IF YOU ALLOW IT.

I don’t know my neighbors names, and they don’t know ours. We speak, “Hey! How you doing?” “Woo-wee, it sure is hot out today.” And we keep it moving. That’s right. That’s how I want it. That’s how I like it. Your husband being a marine, and my husband being a marine, doesn’t make us family or friends. And in all truth, doesn’t make me want to be eitha. I know that sounds harsh, but hey, that’s just me. Less has always been more for me. I just appreciate it even more now. I don’t need, nor do I like a lot of people, because there is always one. And then the domino effect starts to happen. I’m good off that. I mean, if someone is supposed to be in my life, I trust God to make that happen. In other news, I’m in my own lane, in my own bubble, trying to build a future for myself, because my husband will retire one day. And I refuse to not have something to show for after the lifestyle my husband has afforded for me for years. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Some folks ain’t doing nothing but stirring the pot while their husband is out here working hard to provide while his wife outside arguing with the neighbors. Chile please! I can’t make this stuff up! I’m trying to tell ya. Some folks are going to walk away from this life when it’s time, and be just ah empty handed and lost in the sauce. All because they caught up in everything else but what they need to be.

My Marine leaving us to head to the field.

I’m not your average military wife. Ha. I guess you already figured that part out. I ride my own lane and stay on my side of the street. I suggest you do the same.

I don’t get caught up in rank, this, that, or the third. As long as my husband is safe, happy, and stress free. This is what I’m concerned about daily. Not want Daisy and Sue gots going on up or down the street. People fail to realize the best thing you can do is pray for folk. I minds the business I gets paid Chile. #Facts.

Daisy and Sue are made up names Chile. If there is a Daisy or Sue up the street, you know I know nothing about it.

I’m a military brat. My Daddy did 20 years in the Air Force! I’ve been in love with traveling this country since I was a new born. It’s a whole world out here. I’m so glad I got and still get to experience that. I was born in Knob Noster, Missouri. My older brother was born in Sacramento, California. We’ve lived in Germany and then some. Then boom, just like that my Daddy retired and a foreign life set in for all of us. People are worried about the wrong things. You better be out here saving money, working on ya credit, and striving for greatness while the military provides it for you. Is the military the best thang popping? Haha, not exactly. However, it is many things we’re blessed with because we’re in the military.

As much as I disliked Recruiting Duty, I love the civilian surroundings that came with it! I met some amazing people, that weren’t at all affiliated with the military. Which for me was a breath of fresh air. Some wives, all they do is talk about their husband this, the marine corps that. “Ummm, well dang. What are you doing when ya husband is at work?” (My thoughts.) Get a hobby. No, I’m for real. Sometimes it felt good to be around people who were oblivious to the military lifestyle. Now, it is just as refreshing to meet a military wife who can relate to what you may be going through. I’ve had that too. It’s all what you make it. If you want drama, please believe it’s not hard to achieve it. I have seen wives act like complete asses, and then their husbands have to go to work. At the end of the day, regardless of how you put it or look at it, this is a job. Why put ya husband in a uncomfortable position where he has to work?

Oh yeah, another thing. People trusts way too much on base as if people on base ain’t just that, people. Now, do I feel a bit safer on base, yeah. But I stay locking doors, and everybody and they neighbors ain’t fitting to be in my house either. I’m not an open house type of person. Everyone doesn’t need to know what the insides of my safe haven looks like. To some that might sound crazy, but for me it’s my reality. My husband and me are complete opposites. I mean, compleeete opposites! Woo-wee Chile, thank God opposites attract huh? But um yeah, we both are private and low key. I reckon we pick people like we pick our food. Haha.

Twentynine Palms, CA.

I’ve had some say, “April you got a wall up.” You dog on right I do. I’m over here protecting my spirit. I have a child to raise and a husband to please. I can’t pour from a empty cup worried about everyone else and what they gots going on in there life. When I tell you I’m so oblivious, blind, and ignorant to the drama that happens on this base. You couldn’t pay me to have a ‘wives facebook page.’ (I don’t even have FB.) I ain’t fitting to be arguing and going at it with my husband about someone else’s life. Oooo no, we don’t do that.

I love my gals though. The people I have met know exactly who they are! In the four years I’ve been doing this whole military life thang, I have met some amazing friends. Friends that I honestly believe God put in my life. They have shown nothing but kindness, consistency, and genuine love since I’ve met them! So big ups to y’all. As far as everything else I said, I mean that!

I ain’t for everybody and everybody ain’t for me! I ain’t fitting to be arguing with nobody but my husband. I believe in pouring my energy into good things, and good people. At the end of the day, better you than me. I gots to live in peace and not pieces.

I’m Just Saying….



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