We All Get Off Track

No one makes it through life unscathed. No one! Don’t be fooled or discouraged by folk who don’t share their struggle story. Ain’t nothing wrong with a struggle story Chile. Because when you tell folk about that bounce back their eyebrows will go up!
And don’t eva, not even for a second think that you can’t bounce back. Because you can get it right. You can always start ova! ALWAYS! (But please keep in mind that life is fleeting. You don’t have forever to get it right.)

Me personally, I admire a struggle story. When a friend, associate, or whomeva shares with me the struggles that they have endured and I visibly see how they made it to the otha side of that mountain. My heart genuinely smiles for them. I have heard struggle stories related to businesses that have failed, marriages that were once broken, health scares. When the doctor doesn’t always deliver good news. And the lists goes on. But Gods grace and mercy is so forreal. Hey Chile, I can personally tell you a thang or two myself.

I hope you know it’s okay to fail and start ova. It’s okay to get off track and start ova. It’s okay to tap out and start ova. Sometimes when life gets rough and we just out here barely making it. The devil wants you to stay in that sunken place. Ya know he doesn’t want what’s best for you anyways. So he will feed your mind anything that will deteriorate your soul and stop you for good. Don’t fall victim to his antics. START OVA! I don’t give a dog on how far you have gotten off track. Start ova! I know it’s easier said than done. That is why I am here to motivate you. (While I also talk to myself.)

Listen, trust me I know. Change is good, but change is challenging. But you don’t necessarily what all thangs to stay the same eitha. Ya know what I’m saying? Growth comes in many different forms. But with growth comes changes. And with change comes challenges.

With whateva it is that you have going on. Whateva mistakes, mishaps, or setbacks you have made in the last year, month, week, shoot, maybe it was yesterday. Do not allow the devil to talk you into a self pity party where you think you cannot get back on track. Chile I’m tryna tell you that you can start ova! The enemy wants you to be stuck and stay stuck. He wants to make you feel like you’re way too far gone. I look ova my life when I was a whole mess down bust down. Oooweee! Can’t nothing and nobody tell me that He hasn’t protected me from people, places, and thangs I have no idea about.

I had to get to a point where I was tied of my dog on self. I was just completely on my own nerves with the repetitive unhealthy decisions I was making. Along side the lack of discipline and accountability that I had for the choices I was making.


You can start over. You can make a conscious decision before you go to bed tonight that you will rise in the morning with a new attitude about ya life. We as people seem to think that change comes with massive thangs. (Some thangs do.) But some circumstances come with blocking folk out your life for real, not just on social media. You can change certain thangs in your life by no longer talking about it, or entertaining it or every kind of level. Instead of waking up and seeing who has what going on on Instagram, say your prayers. Tell God, thank you. Pray ova ya day and all the thangs you want God to grant you this week or this month. Listen to a motivational speech. Day dream about accomplishing your goals. When certain people call you with drama and their repetitive problems, be brave enough to tell them you don’t want to talk about it. That is part of starting ova. You cannot change if nothing changes. You’d be surprised how not reacting to certain people and comments can change you mentality and emotionally for the better. I am learning still and have actually done it numerous of times while talking to people to not entertain certain comments. You know why? Because I rather have peace than to be right or try to be. It is what it is sometimes. I literally pray for God to grant me the spirit to be able to ignore thangs that would normally irritate my soul. The weight that I feel has been lifted from my shoulders. I used to always feel the need to react and comment on thangs, but I can’t get back on track like that. You can start ova. It’s up to you and solely you rather you want it or not. How bad do you want it?

I rebuke the devil and all his antics. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Pray. Have faith in the thangs you want to change. Even in the midst of you messing up, still pray. Regardless of how ashamed or embarrassed you may be about your continuous mistakes. Never stop talking to Jesus.

Now go and do you Chile. I am so rooting for you!

Don’t let conflict stop you on your journey to better yourself. Expect setbacks. Conflict builds character.” DeVon Franklin

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