February 23, 2018

We got the keys to our house today!!!

YAAAAY!!! (Doing a little jig.)

First thing first!! I love how Naomi’s face lit up!! She got so excited!! That made us so happy. She was so overwhelmed. It’s just sooo much space for her to play and run around. No, she did not have that luxury at all in the Cottage. Not even just a little bit. I am so excited ya’ll! I really am.
I can’t wait to get all our things out of storage.
I’m so excited about decorating the house. Every room will have a theme of its very own. I even DIY’d (No typo) some Laundry Room décor off Pinterest. I am super duper excited. I’ve already ordered some new house décor tings! And before I left Ohio, I bout shopped till I dropped at Gordmans, they went bankrupt, so they had to close. I had never heard of Gordmans until I moved to Cleveland. It was in the same shopping center as Sally’s, ya know, where I used to work. Gordmans is one of my favorite stores, if I could just find another one! It’s like a giant Marshalls or TJ Maxx!
So, yeah.
I went in there and went off. Chile, let me tell you about that sale. It was all that and a bag of chips! I racked up!! Fun fact! My husband loves to shop. So, we be at it all day. It’s like the perfect match. You know how you see a cute elderly couple out, and the husband is always sitting waiting on the wife. Well, as much as I love to shop. And trust me, I LOVE TO SHOP! My husband said, ‘Ask me, I know.’ (Ha-ha!) Whatever. But yeah, as much as I love to shop, I’ll be the one sitting down waiting. I already know.
Our things have been in storage for a few months now, and I done bout forgot all I have. (I’m so country! Who heard me say that?) It’s going to be Christmas all over again!
I feel like I will tackle the bathrooms first, as far as the décor goes. That’s the easiest for me. I already have the half bathroom’s themes down. I also have the master bathroom décor down packed. I may get a few other things, but that will be no biggie. I haven’t decided on the hallway bathroom yet though. Mmm. That’ll basically be Baby Dolls bathroom. Her bedroom will be Trolls theme. We got everything there was Princess Poppy to get for Christmas. Now I can do my thang in Naomi’s bedroom. She is going to be so happy! I can just see her now. She loves her some Trolls. It’s so cute. She is laying beside me now, sleep. Her current situation is, Trolls PJ’s, Trolls pillow case, Trolls blanket, and two Trolls dolls. And one is literally bigger than her! But she is not going to sleep without them. It’s a little one around here somewhere, that one tends to fall by the waste side. Not these two though, never!
Oh yeah, (I was saying..)
I was going to do the bathroom Trolls too, but na. I will come up with something else that is cute, girly, and bright. I’m so excited! I feel so blessed. I am blessed.
It’s crazy how I will miss the Cottage, but not miss the Cottage. You get what I’m saying?! Like, not enough for me to not move, but enough for me to think about it, ya know. We made some memories in this here Cottage. A lot of things happened in such a short, fast, and long period of time. We had Halloween here. I got Naomi dressed in her bumble bee costume and we headed out. It was a really good night! We had fun. The Ball occurred all while living in the Cottage. We had Thanksgiving in the Cottage. We did not technically spend Thanksgiving here, we went to some friends/family house and spent the holiday there. We did however have Christmas here. Wee made it happen. Team work makes the dream work every time. We could not fit Naomi’s car seat, kitchen, Mercedes, in the house all at the same time. So, we had to maneuver around that. All we knew was that we were not, not going to have Christmas because we live in a ‘Match Box.’ (Blog post! Go check it out if you haven’t already.) I put a Christmas tree up, and stockings, and did the dang thang.
When I cooked and prepared Christmas dinner, I had to open the front door and open the deck door, Chile! That oven had this little place bumping. It was hot as you know what up in here! Talk about going from one extreme to another. In Cleveland your freezing ya butt off during the Christmas holiday, and in Cali, I was debating whether I should turn the air conditioner on for a few minutes. Or should I say, the swamp cooler. (West coast thang. It was all new to me too.) It looks like a AC widow unit.
Naomi got sick as a dog up in here, as soon as Rob left. Oh, it was a mess down bust down up in here. And then, I got sick!
Don’t you worry, I will share all of that with you. It was terrible. It was not fun at all! Make sure you bring ya hand sanitizer and a face mask.
My Aunt Reina and one of her close friends, Harrison came to see us!!! I most definitely will never forget that. They drove from L.A. to here, which is about a 2 ½ ride. Depending on traffic too, I’m sure. They got here about 5 p.m. on a Wednesday, and they left that very next day at 1- 1:30. I’ll just say they left by 2 o’clock. They were in and out. But they made it happen, they made us a part of their trip. Our very first visitors, and at the cottage at that! (Ha-ha!) We had a ball! It was a good time.
I’m sure Naomi and me will miss Thumper, umm, Rob he could care one way or the other. Thumper is a cute little rabbit who goes up under the house at night and make so much noise. There was a family that also stayed in the neighborhood for the same reason as us. And they said that they would leave a carrot out before they would go to bed, or else they wouldn’t get any sleep at night. Naomi quickly learned what a rabbit was when she met Thumper. Big ups to you Thumper! We’ll miss you.

I think that may sum up just about everything.

Oh yeah, I couldn’t stand the first night Naomi and me had to stay here by ourselves while Rob was on duty. Chile. It was all good though. Oh yeah, trust me. It was alllll good! (I am cracking up right now! Ha-ha!!!)

So, yeah.

It’s been real. It’s been fun.
Just another place to think about, joke about, blog about, scrap book, and talk about.

The Cottage.

The Cottage will definitely go down in history for us. Four months we spent here. I made it comfy, cozy. Just us three, together. I am so excited about trying new recipes! I will FINALLY have my kitchen ware! I’ve been eating super healthy, scratch that, the last two days have been horrible! HORRIBLE! Ugh! See. I was eating so healthy while he was gone. I done slipped up. But now that I have my blender, I can make my smoothies! Like I said, I want to try new recipes. Healthy ones, and not so healthy ones! I’m so ready for this! I’ve really gotten use to exercising at home, but the issue here was, SPACE.
But now….

I love this life.

I am starting to feel settled in already! Now, I can really potty train this little lady of mine. She has a pot in storage, and one here. That means, she will have a pot upstairs and downstairs now. I’m about to do this. ALL this traveling has been insane. Naomi has been to 18 states, and has moved a total of, somewhere between 14-17 times. Since we have left Ohio, visited home, hotels, and more family, to here, to there, and now, HOME. I’ll keep you posted on the potty training btw.
I feel so blessed, and I am so thankful.
It was worth the wait. I LOVE MY HOUSE!
It just all makes it a better story for the years to come.


Gotta go now, tomorrow will be a busy day!