YOU BETTER STRUT YOUR STUFF HONEY! (Two snaps) I don’t care if you are slim and trim or thicker than a snicker baby. Whether your pants size is a 2 or 22, this runway here is for everybody. BUT, before you can strut what you’re working with, your runway must start from here. (Place your hand on your chest.) Happiness is an inside job.

STOP! Stop seeing yourself due to the world’s perception of how your body is supposed to look, tiny waist, big bootay, huge boobies. So what if that’s not you? These days’ people are paying for what they want, hey do you boo. If you’re someone who doesn’t chose to take away and add a little do you too boo, because me, myself, I’m working with what I got.

I’m not speaking for everyone (Speak for yourself) but I would be on social media (Filtered), or reading a magazine (Photo shopped) and be like….dang she got it going on. However these folk (Yes I said folk, not folks but folk) are just as human as we are. So ladies! Why are we so hard on ourselves? Look I’m just keeping it funky I know I got caught up in that foolishness. Here I was tripping two weeks after having my daughter. Like for real, for real April. I was just blessed with the love of my life and I’m concerned with my weight how I look. My husband was super supportive he’s like” you just had our baby, you’re beautiful.” Here I’m thinking to myself… (He ain’t gotta lie to kick it) No matter how much he loved me, I didn’t like myself. Granted I’m proud of all the weight I lost, I love my body now. (I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant) However, I am not proud of how I was so hard on myself, just to be like someone else. (I had to check myself.) I still work out four, maybe five times a week, but I enjoy it. I have fun working out now. There is no pressure, no stress, and when your girl wants a cheese burger, I gets me one (And yes I said gets.) Extra cheese please! Shoot.

The key is having a healthy life style. Now I’m encouraging you and myself. But look I’m not saying go eat half the pack of bacon now. Take care of your body. Your body is a temple, worship it. Whether you wear single digits or double digits you better love it. I don’t care if you’re a size- extra small, or size extra-large, embrace it. If you didn’t know already the world is a jacked up, hell on roller blades if I do say so myself. Don’t get caught up in this world. YOU WILL NEVER INFLUENCE THE WORLD BY TRYING TO BE LIKE IT. A wise person once told me “The problem with woman now is they value the view of their body, rather than what’s inside of their body and that is a problem.” Ain’t that the truth (YES! I said ain’t, geesh. Relax! We are just chatting, I’m not writing a thesis paper for my professor.) See yourself for who you are, beautiful. Trust me you are! Don’t change for the wicked world. Do not ever let anyone tell you where to move your pieces on the chess board. If you want to work out for you by all means go for it. Heck while you at it tell me what time I’ll join you. Shoooot. Ain’t nothing like a good ole work out sweat.

Moral of the story is see yourself in the light that shimmers and shines when you step into a room, do not be ashamed of who and what you are. STRUT! You walk your runway, and you hold your head up high! (Chin up) Be bold in the skin you’re in. What we fail to realize is that we don’t need other people’s validation to keep our ships sailing.