When I tell you that I am so over the older generation bashing the younger generation, I really wish you could see the look on my face and the seriousness of my voice! 

I’m Just Saying…. *clears throat*

“These young folks these days, I tell ya.” “These young folks don’t want to work, they lazy.” “This generation now is lost.”

Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong but the older generation is giving themselves tooooo much credit if you ask me. A lot of things that are happening now are reacuuring acts of what happened back then! It’s just that modern technology keeps us up on things! Ya know, some of the same things that happened back then. Half of the older generation can’t even pronunciate or articulate their own words in a full sentence and have the nerve to speak on the younger generation. No disrespect, I promise! But why must we be disrespected? We could all learn from each other instead of criticizing each other. But now I’m taking a stand and I’m speaking out!  When I hear the older generation speak negatively about the younger generations it really boils my potato! It’s like hearing nails on a chalk board. I promise I would rather watch paint dry before listening to another bash story about the generation that I partake in. And I am very sure when I say this, many men and women my age will agree with me. I have some incredible associates, friends, and family members that are doing the dang thang if I do say so myself! And they are definitely part of the YG! I wonder what the OG says about those men and women!…..juuuuust a thought! But let me not go rattle my brain. And some of these associates, friends, and family memebers come from families of OG’s who probably suited better at something else besides being a parent. 

Answer me this question though, where and who is the root of the problem? Everything starts from somewhere. Right? A lot of my generation, you know the generation that is just no good now *hilarious* comes from homes where there was no leading by example, just, “I’m grown!” “Do as I say and not as I do.” What type of crap is that? I’m all about leading by example. But what do I know. *Smirk*

My generation comes from ALOT of “you were clothed and fed.” Oh so that makes everything alright!? But our generation is bad? Hahaha. I wonder why?….I’ll wait! KILL THE NOISE! Please. Let’s get down to the formalities! I bet my bottom dollar that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for this YG! We get criticized from our elders more than anything! AND WE CAME FROM YOU!!! We are a reflection of you!! So if we are such a disgrace, then what does that make you??

“You criticize a generation which your child is a part of, you encourage and motivate them to grow. Worry about what kind of people they will be and not blame the millennial generation for the parts you don’t like.”

“Not to poke at them, but just simply to acknowledge the fact that they aren’t blameless for some of the negative aspects of society today.”

Me, myself! I’m proud of my generation! Most of us are doing more at a young age than what the older generation was doing then and doing now! I can think of numerous men and woman from the OG that are caught up in the same things the YG is doing! Such hypocrites!! I tell ya. Social media has just as many OG folks up there as the YG, but social media is a huge problem though. Please help me understand! 

“Crazy thing is, the older generation, chances are, is raising millennials. So why not start right there? Perhaps, instead of stomping into the dirt a generation which your child is a part of…”

My point exactly!!!!! Like dang your own kid ya know is the YG! Do you feel the least bit embarrassed?! I’m Just Saying…

“To be laconic, it seems unwise and rather childish to compare any two generations as the physical, economic and social surroundings around us keep changing. The dynamic nature of our surroundings make it virtually impossible to compare between what we are and what we were fifty years ago. The rapidly changing circumstances make the break down of rules set by the previous generations indispensable because most of them tend to lose revelance with the passage of time.” 

The funny thing is, a lot of the OG speaks on how social media is the root to a lot of problems! Now I must say that I ageee with that. BUT! If it’s soooo baaaaad and it ruins many of things, then why is your OG self up there all in the mix with the YG? And don’t act like it doesn’t hold your interest! Oh yes, I have time today!!

I’ve been criticized so many times by the OG as if I set the date when I wanted to be born. I’m not proud of all things that are reoccuring and happening in the world. But I’m sure enough proud of the positivness that my YG has brought to it. I didn’t know this was all a competition though.

I’m Just Saying….