What Do You Allow?

I’ve been low key ghost huh? I know Chile. Life has been crazy, and that’s almost an understatement. But God is good as always, so. My emotions have been on an all time high lately. I’m not at all surprised with the way our summer began. But these are some things that have helped me in the mist of the mourning storm.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel better ya know. Day by day I’m getting back to me! Thank you Jesus! And I mean that with everything in me. The devil doesn’t have a place here, so whether things are going good or bad, I’m going always look up. Plus, my mother in law lives there now so.

So anyways, I’d like to share with you some pick me ups! 😊

01. Get a good nights rest. Not just sleep. There is a difference! Go to bed early. Take you a nice hot shower, or bath, and get in the bed and rest Chile! Read a good book, or turn on Martin and watch him and Gina trip out. Get a good ole laugh in before you close ya eyes. I suggest no phone personally. Sometimes the phone alone can alter your emotions. Hence, social media. Change up ya routine a little before bed, and watch how you wake up refreshed. A lot of times people wake up with what they went to bed with. Switch it up! Oh yeah, and of course, pray. Always start ya day and end ya day with God. 

02. Make someone else happy today! It’s contagious. Sometimes when you’re feeling down and out, happiness is the furthest thing from ya mind. But just like yarning is contagious, so is a smile. Say cheese!!! 😃

03. Be ya own cheerleader! Celebrate all victories and accomplishments. Even the tiny ones!

04. Count ya blessings! Always! Even in the thickest times. (Oh how difficult it can be.) But don’t entertain the devil with pity parties. The same God that did it last time, He will do it again!

05. Sometimes you just gotta put all electronic devices away! A lot of times that’s where you will find the devil! I’ve learned to not pick my phone up first thing in the morning! Try it! Give yourself sometime before you click on these social media apps, or even read text messages. Let ya feet hit the floor good before you scroll to see what is happening in other folks lives. Believe it or not, other folks problems become your problems more than you recognize. Or like to admit. Vibes are real. Mmm…k!

06. Stop hitting snooze. Just gone head and get on up Chile. To continue to lay there for five more minutes won’t make much of a difference.

07. Write! Start writing down what ya feel. Even if you have to tear it up later. Write it down. Write it down! Write it down! A pen and paper will do you more justice sometimes than people. Don’t let things build up in ya mind, or over flow in ya heart. Write it down Chile!

08. Learn something new. Sometimes we’re so busy teaching, we miss out on learning. Learn you something new today Chile. You never know, it may change ya life.

09. SPEND TIME WITH YASELF. ENJOY IT. Whether you’re single, married, or figuring it out. Regardless of what, you have to like you!

010. Cry if you need to! Tears don’t make you weak! Tears make you human. And to me, tears are just liquid prayers!

I hope this will help you. In so many ways it has helped me. It’s amazing how the smallest things can set the tone for your day, your life. Or even your perspectives on people, places, and things.

It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you, if you allow it. I’m Just Saying…


Smooches’ 💋

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