What He Said…

Life is what YOU make it. You can put some people smack dead in the middle of happiness, and they will still have something to complain about.

Well, well, well, guess what?  We’re going to California! That’s right, 29 Palms! AND YA GIRL IS EXCITED!!! I am super-duper hype about our new adventure. I’m not too sure what to call this, Chapter Two, New Adventure. I don’t know yet. I think I will go with Chapter Two, being that this is technically our second duty, second location, second adventure with each other. I’m not sure, we shall see. I am soooo happy!!! This is going to be completely different then what I’m use to on recruiting duty in Ohio. For one Ohio doesn’t even have a base. Now I am not oblivious to military life, being a military brat and all. Yep, my brother and I have traveled the world at a very young age. He was born in California, and I was born in Missouri. I get the gist of military life as a child, but I am of course still learning things as far as a wife. And not to mention, my Daddy retired Air Force. My husband is a Marine, so I am sure that too makes a difference.

So yes, my husband and I really wanted the west coast and glory to God we got exactly what we asked for. Well, technically what I asked for. Rob is just excited about recruiting duty coming to an end. And you know the saying, happy wife, happy life. Haha. For those who know, you get it right?!

We actually had a few places in California to pick from. Of course Robs career was the priority, but once we figured that part out it was looking like 29 Palms would be the go. I started to do some research, my friend also helped me in the adventure of things to look for, and the more insight I got on 29 Palms, I was like, I want to live here. I just knew it. I can feel it. I made the decision for myself, I talked to my husband about what I liked when he asked me about my thoughts on 29 Palms. As you see in that statement, there is no where in there where it says, so what do you think peoples thoughts would be baby?

We’ve known for quite some time that 29 Palms would be our new place of residence, but when we first found out, the things people said. “Oh girl, that’s in the middle of nowhere.” Here I’m thinking, so is your brain. “You don’t want to go there, it’s nothing there.” “Ya’ll going out there.” Yes, with or without you! Any other questions? Ma’am or Sir? I’m Just Saying…

Now, let me just say this, anyone who knows me, knows, that anyone who tries to set the tones for my visions is completely wasting there time and effort. All the back lash and negative comments went in one ear and out the other. I’ve never been a fan of marching to the beat of other peoples drums. That’s one thing that my husband appreciates about me. I am not an easy egg to crack. Just because someone says yes, doesn’t mean I will, friend or not. I am my own woman, and if that means standing alone, that so be it. If you’re someone who is looking for me to follow suit, than I reckon you’ll be waiting for a long, long, time. I ALWAYS  find the good and God in all I do in life. That includes where I am, where I am going, and where I decide to stay. I do not care nor need to hear negative energy. I tune it out automatically. I feel so sorry for people who complain about everything! You literally can put some folks smack dead in the middle of happiness, and they will still be mad about something. They will still find something to complain about. Now, do not get me wrong, I don’t mind listening to peoples opinions, we all have them. But do not insult my intelligence by talking as if you’re stating facts about what I will and what I won’t like because of your experiences. What is for you , is for you, and what is for me, is for me. I refuse to live out my military experiences on what everyone else in the military likes and doesn’t like. I said it once before, I may be new to this as a wife (I am very aware it is different.) But I am not oblivious to this military life, I’m true to this. I was raised up on U-Haul’s, and catching flights, moving from this school to that school. Moving from here to there and everywhere, is not something that just happened for me over night. I was born into a life where you pack up and you move to a new place and it may be better or not so great as the last place. But doing it with people you love plays a big factor, for me. I learned that and felt that at an early age. Some places may be better than others. Some places you feel like you can make permeant, some places you feel like, “Ugh, not so much.” But to me, in my opinion, (lets make that clear) it’s about memories YOU and YOUR family make. My family is not like the families to my left and to my right. And is that wrong? No. There is no right or wrong. Do what best suit YOU and YOUR family. I will say this tough, I am not a follower, I lead. So even if my family is doing something different from all the families around me, doesn’t mean I will comply to what they got going on. That’s just me. So, yes, 29 Palms can be in the middle of “nowhere” if that’s how you see it, but I see it as being surrounded by everything.  We  have Palm Springs, which is an hour away. Then we have L.A. (Super excited about L.A.) which is two hours away. L.A. is going to be my new stopping grounds, you just wait. Then last but definitely not least, we have Vegas, which is a little under three hours or three hours exactly from us. What do you mean “Nowhere?” Chile please. Can we say vacation spots right up the street? I refuse to allow people, because that’s all they are, are people, dictate my moves. I’m telling you! ” If you listen to people, and if you allow people to project their fears on to you, you won’t live!” T.P. Henson (Preach sister.) I refuse to listen to the nay Sayers! Shoot God got something planned for me and my family in California. I know it, because I am praying for it. What God has for me, it is for me. Hey just maybe, 29 Palms sucks, that’s the word out. But my vision, and my God is bigger than any obstacle that is against. Hello 29! I am ready for you. I have no preconceived notions about you baby! Everywhere I go I leave a mark. I planted seeds in Ohio that are going to take me further than I can even imagine! And I will do the same in 29.  

One thing in life that I feel is important, is knowing yourself, and what is and isn’t for you. Now, I know that these scorpions are going to be an experience. I’ve read about the coyotes too. Tell me why I’d rather see a coyote before a scorpion. Haha. Ya’ll, I ain’t lying. I know me! However, what I am not worried about is the distance to certain stores, malls, restaurants etc. On base amenities are perfect for me, for just everyday life. My husband and I both come from very small towns. If we ever wanted to go somewhere to catch a good movie, or to even go to the mall, that want can be between thirty minutes to an hour. We both are use to “riding out” for a day of certain plans. So driving is not an issue. Just the adventure of it all is so exciting for me. My husband never lets me drive, so you already know what I’m going to be doing. Pictures! Have you ever had a good ole car party before?

I am also a scrap booker, so I know that I will be taking pictures of dirt and sand on the side of the road to make for memories years later. Wait until I see the Hollywood sign! Every time I go to L.A. I’m going to take a picture of it and write the date each time that I took the picture for our scrap books. And then we have Vegas. There is no place like Vegas, let me tell ya. But I want to experience it with my husband. Super excited about date nights, and mini vacations with the hubby, and our friends. Thank you Jesus for always allowing me to have something to look forward too. I am going to enjoy living on base! It’s new for me as a wife, but I am excited. We’re the family who can live on or off base. Living off base doesn’t make my husband less of a marine, haha. Some families are all for base and on base living only. And there is no right or wrong in that. Like I said, YOU DO WHATS BEST FOR YOU! You will stumble and fall following everyone else, people are going to have to keep up with me, I don’t keep up with other people.

I am super hype about living in the dessert. I am soooo excited about my kid(s) experiences in this military world, it was something amazing for my brother and me. So I feel so blessed to experience it with my baby and future babies. I don’t want to be the norm, I want to take risk. So be it if it doesn’t turn out exactly like we want it. We will always find joy and laughs in it all. I can’t say it enough! LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. I refuse to go into this new adventure with an upside down mindset because of what people say. Nope. That’s not me at all. In all truth, Ohio is not somewhere I would want to live permanently, for different reasons. And recruiting sucks!!! But when that time comes and Ohio is a memory, I will also miss it for multiple reasons. Although  it was rough, there were ups and downs, memories were made. And that’s what counts. The importance of it all is that we’re all in it together. Traveling the world with my bestfriend (my husband) and the joy of my world (my daughter) makes me feel blessed. Lets me know that I am blessed. GOD KNOWS IF I LISTENED TO PEOPLE, I WOULDN’T EVEN BE HAVING THIS CONVERSAION WITH YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE.  News flash, WE ARE NOT DOING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. AND WE ARE NOT GOING WHERE OTHER PEOPLE TELL US TO GO. Thank you, but no thank you.

The best advice I can give a new wife as a new wife, is to do what you want to do. Period. I mean its okay to listen to wives that have been around longer than you, depending on what it is you’re listening too. A wife that has been around does not make them wiser necessarily. And just know that everyone is not ya friend. Always check for the details. Do not be fooled my dear. Enjoy your time in the military. Make memoires for you and yours and keep it pushing. Look back at the bad memories, and the good ones. If love is involved, I promise you, you will find a smile in there somewhere, if not a full blown laugh. It’s very important to live your life. Don’t worry about the thoughts and/or comments of other people. It’s okay. You let God be the judge over your life. Don’t let folks bring that dark cloud around you with the negativity.

*Clears throat*

So with that being said, I am thankful, and I am grateful. I thank God for the love, time, and adventure. I am excited about the unknown, rather than being in fear about it. I know that God is real, and He will always see me through as He always has. So whether it be the dessert, the beach, or overseas, I will always find the good, and God in all I go through, or where ever we may go too. I appreciate that God allows me the pleasure and the beauty to do it with the two most amazing people in my life. Thank you Jesus. Thank you.

Life is what you make it, find your own path to fulfillment. -Peter Buffets (What He said.)

I’m Just Saying…

P.S. Thank you Superman for choosing me to share the adventures with you. Lets continue to make memories OUR way. xoxo.