What You Eat Don’t Make Me…




Folks really be on some, “Couple goals” while looking at someone else’s relationship. Why? Why would you eva look at someone else and say goals. I mean, what about you? You don’t feel as if you’re a goal? Or do you not want your own goals? Do you not feel as if what you see, could be you, in your own way?

Oh, this one really cracks me up. “What was your prayer girl?” WHAT!? “What is your prayer girl?” Where they do that at? Why would you eva ask someone what their prayer is, so that you can get what you want? That’s like eating and expecting someone else to poop for you, or poop out what you ate? Now, where they doing that at? Because ummm, as much as I love cheese I’ll go get a whole block of it and let someone else be constipated. Shooot.


Moving on!

Instead of asking her, what her prayer was. You should be asking God, “What is it that you have for me?” Being on social media, looking at pictures, and wanting someone else’s life is a no go. And don’t say you don’t want their life. I mean, you’re asking for their prayer. Sooo…..

You don’t know what Obama and Michelle done been through. My President and First Lady are so bomb right? Ugh. I love them! But they ain’t goals either. You don’t know what Ciara and um, what’s ha husband name, Russell Wilson dome been through, and/or going through. You don’t know what Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry gots going on. I love them!! So cute! But they ain’t goals eitha. You don’t know what folks had to do or go through to get where they’re with each other.

Now!!! Let me say this! Can people be genuinely happy? Yes! Can married couples really be happy and solid. Yes! Of course. I am!! Can folks be in love and like with someone and only someone. You dog on right they can be! But guess what!? You can too. With ya own goals! With ya own prayer! For ya own life!

I’m Just Saying….

It’s a compliment, yes. I’ve even had some folks say it to me. Thank you, sincerely. But hey! Won’t nothing goals about us ten, nine, eight years ago. So do you just want the good goals, or the bad goals?

Stop putting ya mouth on things. Use your words wisely! Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Most people block their own blessings because of their mouth! As a man thinketh, so is he!! Get out ya own way!! Do you really think God just blesses the people you see as goals?! Position yourself! Ask God to help you find ya own goals, ya own way. Stop putting your mouth on things you don’t know to be certain. Even salt looks like sugar! Don’t end up eating ya words, because you feel as if someone is packing where you’re lacking. You gonna pray someone’s prayer and end up with a wife beater, cheater, liar, cheapo, and then some!!

When I prayed for my husband, and booooooooy did I pray! I prayed for us. I didn’t look to my left or right. I didn’t care who had this, that, or the third! I wanted what I wanted! Not what you have! I want mines. Forget you shoot. I mean, ya know. I didn’t look a folks and say, “Oh they goals.” Even if I’m sinscerly happy for people, I don’t want what you got! I want what God has for me. I want what I want. I’ve been around goals my whole life!! My parents. They just had a 39 year anniversary! I’ve had a front row seat to their relationship. All the love I’ve seen them pour into each other my whole entire life. And they aren’t even goals. I admire the love they have for one another. But I don’t want their love. I want my own type of love.

Say this, what God has for me, is for me! Say this as many of times that you need to. Until you believe it! Mmm…k!

Now someone will say I’m tripping or maybe reaching. That’s fine. That’s your opinion, ya know. I have mines. You have yours.

All I’m saying is, stop checking off your goals on someone else’s check list.

(Clears throat.)

I’m Just Saying….✔️



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