What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Friday the 13th!
You scared Chile?
Ha-Ha! I’m just kidding.

How you doing?

I am going to enjoy all the Friday the 13th movies that will be on back to back all night. I enjoy scary movies. Just not this demonic mess that they keep coming out with . Chile, I refuse to watch it. Like, the Conjuring or whatever. Nope. It may sound corny to some, but to me it’s like entertaining the devil. When it comes to watching scary movies these days for me, I watch things like Pet Semetary 1 & 2, all the Halloweens. Halloween is actually one of my top five favorite scary movies. Jamie Lee Curtis did her thing in that old school horror. I do like the remake they made of Halloween one though. The remake came out in, let me see, August 2007. Wow. I thought Rob and me went to go see that movie. Mm. It couldn’t have been 2007 though. It had to be the remake of Halloween two. I know for sure we went to go see that movie because the theater was super empty. I really do think we were in there by ourselves. (Clears throat.)
Plus, he gave me a ring that night….
Anyways. (I stay telling twelve stories in one.)
Silver Bullet. Oh, my goodness, I love Silver Bullet! Gary Busey, played Uncle Red. That man was funny as crap. I also like, Carrie, both old and new. Jason is cool too. Um…what other scary movies. Hold up, having a brain fart. Is Saw considered horror? We’ll I like Saw. Chunky! Who doesn’t like Chunky?! Ha-ha! I like IT, I don’t like clowns, but I am not scared of them. I know some folk who would hit a clown on sight. They can’t stand clowns.
Oh yeah! Chile, I love, I Know What You Did Last Summer! And remember part two with Brandy?!
Oh, The Grudge. That movie low key scares me.
The Shining, Jack Nicolson. Good movie. Those chicks in the hallway though. Oh no!
The Ring. Oh, heck naw. I be scared to get up in the middle of the night. Ha-ha! No lies!
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is not scary, but good. Same thing with the movie Wrong Turn and Joy Ride.
Silence of the Lambs. I believe the first I ever saw that movie was in college.
What else?
Don’t say no Exorcist. No Ma’am!
Children of the Corn, we’ll I don’t fool with them too much either. (Ha-ha.)
Have you ever seen, Evil Dead? The old one? The old one is worse than the remake. Chile! The original Evil Dead came out in 1981. The remake came out in 2013.
Oh yeah, Christine, the movie with the car. Stephen King, 1983.
Have you ever heard of the movie, Blacula? It’s good. It’s a black vampire movie. We’ll I guess you knew that, right? Blacula is old Chile. 1972 old.
Now, I am going to tell you one vampire movie I ain’t looking at, at no time. Salmons Lot. Oh no. Ooh no.
So, yeah. That basically wraps up my scary movie night. I am sure I left a lot of movies out. Just know, like I said, I don’t fool with all these new movies coming out with all these demonic story lines. I’m good off that Chile.
I’m Just Saying….

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