White Roses


It was the perfect day. The sun was shinning amazingly bright that it almost hurt. The weather was warm, comfortable. Cute, sexy sundresses were definitely in full effect. Every hair was place. My makeup was applied perfectively. I wish you could see me, not by camera, but in the flesh. I batted my lashes to keep the tears from staining my face. I wish I felt as good as I looked. I missed you. I kept wondering what were you doing in the exact moments that I thought of you. If I was in control of the decisions that we had no chose in making, you would have never left in the first place. I reminisced about the things we’d do together. You’re my completion by God. Shivers ran up and down my spine. I love you. Everyone greeted me with emotion, knowing that half of me wasn’t present. I only smiled when I thought of you. I pray for you every moment even when it’s not a chance. Come to me. The food was served to me on a platter. But my appetite never came into play. I was sad without you. I knew I loved you then but I never knew then that now it would be incomparable. I restrained myself from losing hope. I didn’t know exactly when I would see you again. I decided to quit my slumber and enjoy this day without you. Until you proved me wrong. A complete stranger handed me a clear vase with two dozen white roses purity, innocence, sympathy,spirituality. A symbol for true love, the bridal rose. There was  a light pink rose, carries with it the connotation of grace and elegance, as sweetness and poetic romance. Gentleness and admiration, a symbol of our creation, our daughter in the middle. The card read, “double for your troubles.” My nose embraced my gift. I smiled gracefully, you made a woman out of me. I am your Wife. I need you just as much as I want you. My eyes started to water, feeling relieved by the release. I could taste the salt from my tears. That’s when I felt you. I could smell your cologne. You always smell so good. I knew you were there, exactly where I was. We breathed the same air, finally. I searched for you in the crowd, my man, my superman. All eyes on me. In that moment I felt so invincible. In a room full of people, I just saw you. To the world you’re a hero. They have no idea what you mean to me though. Everything. The moon, the stars, you’re my entire world. Many of times I’ve dreamed this dream. I always imagined me fleeing into your arms. But for real, in real life, I was paralyzed in disbelief of you. I grew faint. You really showed up. I want to stay with you forever. My earthly King. We looked at each other dead in the eyes. I could feel you feeling my soul. You could read my heart. You knew my thoughts. Half of me. I covered my face in shame of not being able to move towards you. Then I felt the embrace of your arms wrapped around me tightly. I buried my face in your chest. I remember the day we waved good bye. I see you. I feel you. My husband. My Marine.

I love you.

Sincerely Yours,

Red Lipstick