Y’all Want To Know What’s Messed Up?

The movie Titanic is a good example of how a woman wants a good man, but she is not equipped to have a good man. To whom much is given, much is required. I’m Just Saying…

Now! Maybe she did say that, and Jack was like, “Naw baby. I’m good.” Maybe Jack wanted to do what a man should do for his woman in a crisis as such. I don’t know. All I know is I didn’t hear her offer not one time! I mean, I get it. I could see my husband being like that. Like, all jokes aside. But I would have went off in the middle of ocean! You know how ya momma used to ball up her lips when she was trying to get you in order about something. Those lips, meant business right? Who knows what I’m talking about? I would get him all the way together like I birthed and raised him. Do you hear me?! I ain’t got time for all that. We both gonna man up tonight and swap out this here board! I would have told my husband,

Boy! If you don’t get your black tail up her now, and I mean right now! Because if you die and leave me out here! I’m going to kill you!” 

Shoot!! I ain’t got time for the back & forth taanight! I ain’t got time for him trying to be a hero.

Rose had her a good man. Better than the one she left. And she left poor Jack in the water to freeze solid. Talking bout some, “Jack! Wake up. Jake. Wake up.

 Jack is dead Chile! You done killed him! He was freezing his tooshi off. While she just laying there on her back, looking up at the stars mesmerizing. Chile I tell you. You should have just went with your momma. I

I’m Just Saying…

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

Merry Christmas 🎁 



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