SAHM Chronicles

Chile it has been a week! You hear me? A week! It was filled with many blessings, but it was also filled with some, ‘I know you lying!’ Chile I tell ya. I already did not sleep good the night before, which is rare for me. I don’t take it for granted that I get good sleep and rest at night being I hear quite a few people who say they go to bed tired and wake up tired. So last night I got up about 2:30 to use the bathroom (The cons of drinking lots of water, ugh.) Chile I did not go back to sleep until 6:30 in the morning! I was on the struggle bus the next morning. In previous blogs I’ve shared with you how I like to get up before my girls, but not this particular morning.

First thang first, I needed to get my coffee. ☕️ I don’t drink coffee every morning. But when I do, it gets me right every single time.

So the morning was going pretty smooth for me to have gotten up at the same time as my girls. I cooked us a little breakfast. Eggs, turkey bacon, bagels. I looked ova my daily planner to see what what activities we had to do today, etc. At this point the girls watched, Sid The Science Kid while I was getting myself together or whateva. I done did a little laundry, cleaned up breakfast. We had a few thangs on our agenda for the day, not to mention it was hair day for all three of us. Wash, condition, moisturize, ya know. #GirlMom? So that’s already on the forefront of my mind. I want to have both girls hair done before I cook dinna. I’ll worry about me at bedtime.

So anyways, I done got myself together and what not. Now, at this point it’s like about 12 noon. And I feel pretty good to have started my morning not the per usual way….

AND THEN BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chile, when I tell you that it took everything in me not to hit the ground running. It took everything! When I tell you I don’t fool with lizards, frogs, snakes, their cousins, aunties, uncles, friends, whomeva. I don’t. I do not. I cannot stand them. And I hate (That’s not a word I use loosely) them! I cannot stand the fact that I’m scared of them and the discomfort I feel knowing that one is in my home irritates my soul! CHILE!!

Okay, so let me tell you how I found it in the first place. (Clears throat.)

I was minding my business, sitting at the dinning room table. One of my other favorite places in my home. The weather has been yucky here lately. (Typhoon season.) So I decided to actually pull up the blinds to get some more natural lighting in the house since the overcast had the house looking a little gloomy. Now mind you, I have all the blinds open in the house. One of the thangs I do as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. I make my rounds around the house. Ya know, opening blinds. Lighting candles. Adding drops to the diffusers. Morning routine. So Chile, I done pulled up the blinds. I went to sit back down. I happened to be looking out the window, ya know. Taking in the day or whateva. And then…I saw it. Now at first I was like am I tripping. Chile I was hoping I was! So I got up slowly, walked to the window. Not too close now, and I realized it was exactly what I thought it was. A dog on lizard!

Chile, this ain’t even the half! Part 2 coming soon…

Talk soon.


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