Cold, Snowing, and Pissed Off

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I did that. We’ll yeah, I can.

It was 2010-2011 when Rob came home on leave. He had just got back from overseas. So yeah, it had to be 2011 then. (Sorry, I was thinking out loud.)
My husband had just got back from his first deployment. And it was not at all what I thought it would be. Not even close. Woo-Wee. It was crazy!
Chile let me tell you…
Rob and I were so back and forth at one point no one believed me when I would say, “We not together.” People would be like, “Yeah right. April, who you fooling?” And I would be asking myself the same dog on thang. ‘Girl, who you think you fooling?’
Don’t get it too twisted though…
We’ll this was one of the times when we were back and forth. We were just all over the place. But we somehow always ended right up under each other. (Get ya mind out of the gutter.)
Every time he came home on leave, we ended up together. Regardless of what we had going on, we were a magnets to one another. This night, Rob decided to go to his Aunts house. I remember one of his ‘homeboys’ being with him. We’ll I stayed at his momma’s house while he was gone. Which, at the time I preferred to stay at his momma’s house, because I didn’t want to be at his Aunt’s house. And I am pretty sure they didn’t want me there either. So, I just chilled at his momma’s house with his sister while he was gone. It was really no big deal, at first. But then he went too far. He was gone for over an hour, probably longer than that!
Just know it was long enough for me to do this…
I remember my sister-n-law ended up leaving with the guy she was dating at the time, and I was really bummed out. I was like, ‘Dang. What now?‘ I was bored and agitated.
Already mad, I started to get really pissed off because I was by myself. Robs mom was home. But you know what I mean.
I went to Robs room, and hung out in there for about 30 minutes. Chile! I was pacing back and forth! And then all hell broke loose. And when I say, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! Because ya girl was mad as I do not know what! I could not believe that that man had the audacity to leave me up in the house and think that I was going to just stay there. #YeahRight.
I was so mad ya’ll. Soooooo mad! I put on my black knee-high boots. They were cute. I think I got them from ‘It’s Fashions.’ Yeah. Because I had a tan pair too. So yeah, I put on my black boots. And this cute black leather jacket I had. What was the name of the store I got that jacket from? Ummm…?  (Sorry, talking to myself again.) I cannot remember the name. But it’s on the tip of my tongue. Ugh. I can’t stand that! The store is in ‘South Park Mall.’
Any who!
It was so cold outside. Like, it had to be in its twenties at the least. I put on those boots and that leather jacket, and walked right out of the back door. I sure did. I didn’t hesitate either. Cold, snowing, and pissed off. I started walking. Leaving my foot prints behind in the snow.
Oh, yeah! I remember where I got those boots. Rue 21! Yep! Yep! It was Rue 21! I used to stay using the Rue Bucks coupons! Ha-ha! I stayed up in that store. I got them from the Rue 21 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. (Oh my gosh!) That was sooo long ago, but not sooo long ago. You get what I’m saying? Like 2010 was awhile ago, but it’s not like it was twenty years ago. But that’s what it feels like. So, yeah, I had the black and brown pair.
I left out the house and headed left, going towards town. I just started walking, headed nowhere. In all truth, I did not have the slightest clue where I was going either. I just walked. A few cars passed me, and I wasn’t concerned one way or the other. I just kept walking, in the snow. I think I was going to walk to Greta’s house. (Hey Greta.) I met her at Pino’s Pizza. I worked there with her like, eight maybe nine years ago. She is really sweet.
But I think I was going to walk to her apartment. I forgot the name of them. There still in Brunswick now, I think. I’m sure they are. And those apartments weren’t close either. I’m trying to think is it those apartments down by the Hardees. What in the world April? (Talking to myself.) I used to be trip-ping!
I called my sister-in-law. And I juuust knew she wasn’t going to answer. But she did. And she was like, “Girl! Where you at?” I remember saying it mad as crap. “Walking!” She carried on about how crazy I was, and how she wasn’t about to have me out there walking in the cold, snow, pissed off! She kept asking where was Rob at. I just kept saying, “Forget Rob.” And I am positively sure that I didn’t say, “Forget.”
So, she did just that. Her and her ‘boo thang’ came and picked me up. They saw me walking by Envoy. ANYONE THAT KNOWS WHERE ROB LIVES AND HOW FAR ENVOY IS, AND AT NIGHT! PROBABLY THINKS I AM THE BIGGEST DUMMY! We’ll new flash! I was. We road around Lawrenceville for a few minutes. While I begged my sister-n-laws friend to not take me back to the house. By this time Rob is calling. Chile. He is calling back to back to back. He even left a few voice messages. His mom was calling me, and I didn’t answer anyone. I was in a serious Mexican standoff, and I was not going to budge! For maybe 3 ½ seconds I felt so wrong for causing all the chaos. But I had a point to prove, and I was adamant about proving it! I could tell in the vmail that Rob was really worried about where the heck I was at. Like, no one would have thought that I would have left out the house and just start walking. I didn’t either until I did it. And once I did it, I wasn’t going to half tail do it. Go hard or go home, right?
Well, I went hard in the paint!! Ha-ha! I didn’t answer or reply to any phone calls or text. I ignored everyone! We ended up riding to North Carolina to the Pino’s Pizza there. I got some wings and fries. The six-piece wing. I was mad that they forgot my hot sauce packets though. But it was all good, I guess. Due to the circumstances. I mean, I was on the run. (I’m so dramatic.) I did want a cup of ice to go with my bottle of water, but I forgot to ask. It was just too much. We made it back to the house and Rob and his friend was there. I don’t like him really. It was something that happened in like, 1999.! Ha-ha! (I think I may have mentioned him in a blog before.) We’ll they were all outside. They being, Rob, his friend, his brother,and someone else. I don’t remember is name though. Robs mom was in the house. All the lights were on. I was like, “Oooo….!!” Chile. Chile. Chile. It was a mess down, bust down for real. I was like, ‘Dang April, you know how to bring them out don’t ya?’ Too bad I had to go to the extreme to get a point across! Rob walked up to the truck and asked his sister had she seem me. She told him no and played along while I ducked down in the back seat. I was kneeling on the floor ya’ll!! My sister-in-law was like, “We’ll I’m going to ride around and see if I see her, whatever, blah, blah, blah.” So, we leave. Her friend backs out the drive way, and my SNL is like, ‘Girl, what in the world we gonna do? Rob is gonna kill you. He’s going to kill us.’  We road around and then went back to the house about 20 minutes later. (Should I do like a hash tag ‘
We walked in the house. Me and my SNL. And everyone was looking at us like a deer in the head lights. I remember walking in the living room feeling so vindicated. Like, ‘BAM! Take that!’

Some how all that turned into me being out somewhere cheating. But, we weren’t in a relationship though.


You was probably, ‘Doing something you ain’t have no business doing.’

Chile! Please!

He tried to flip that thang, didn’t he?


I’m Just Saying…

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  1. I did the same thing to my boo when we were young (March 2003). Your post really took me back, I called one of my favorite cousins (Vashon Robinson, RIP) to pick me up from Caney Branch Rd, he was there in 2 mins flat. Ricky called non stop for about 5 hours, til I calmed down and was ready to talk. #dramaqueenTotheMax

  2. You and Rob have come such a long way!!! I kind you both to the moon and back!!! I’m jus sayin!!!

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