Just A Little Update!

Hey Chile!!
So, I have some fun, and exciting things coming up with RedLipstickandCammies!! And I wanted to give you a little update on what we will be chit chatting about in the next few weeks.
So, here goes!
I will be doing a ‘Sunday Jumpstart’ every Sunday! *Yaaay!* Yeah know, just to give you a little boost for your up and coming week. Ya know, sometimes we need that little extra push Chile!
Also, I will be doing a “Take Me Back Thursday” where I will be telling you crazy, funny, happy, and sad stories about me, yours truly, from back in the day!
Last, but certainly NOT least! I will be doing, “My Black is Lit.” Where I will be posting weekly about a few of our Melanin Queens, and the impacts they had and still have in our lives today!

I hope you’re just as excited as I am Chile.!

Ttyl. xOxO.