Door Knob

I’m just going to get right to it. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE UPSET, MAD, ANGRY or whatever you chose to call your negative mood. Look sometimes when you sit back and look at the bigger  picture of things, you realize somethings are just not worth it, and being prideful is one of those things.

Pride: the quality or state of being proud.  Inordinate self- esteem: conceit

See pride will have your butt somewhere bitter and alone. ALONE AND BITTER!! Ya know life is bigger than being stubborn and the things that you are blessed with are far more important than the pride you carry so high and mighty. Learn the real worth in life. When you are feeling some kind of way with a love one, whether it be your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, sister/brother, or even your child/children, regardless of who, you do not touch that door knob until you approach your love one in a lovable, respectable manner. Say I’m sorry, apologize.  I’m telling you it’s no other way to be. Whether you know it or not pride can not hold you at night, because you chose to be billy bad butt during the day.

BOOOOOY people will swell up over their pride. If you don’t acknowledge a prideful person in the attention that they feel that they deserve, the best thing for you to do is pray quietly, and keep it moving quickly because no one has time for that. That’s an issue, and you need to check yourself. No one is obligated to feed your dysfunction.

When you chose to make an irrational decision by leaving the house without setting things right with the person or people you love, its like pouring a bowl of cereal and having no milk. When you wake up, you do not know what kind of day is in the making for you or the ones you love. When you see that person again they could be sick, hurt, or dead. Now some people will probably think “April, you’re tripping, why are you being so extra.”    Well I’m here to tell you. You can call it what you want. You let me know when you’re done being invisible, because whether you realize it or not these situations do happen! Don’t let yourself be the one praying and hoping against the last things you said or didn’t say to the one you said you love.

“It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love over your pride.”

I’m Just Saying….