Two Blue Lines

So before you start your shopping spree at Naomi’s Boutique I must share with you the foundation of this blue print. January 5th I took four pregnancy tests. That’s right four! I was like “is this for real” (kool-Aid smile.)

Okay, okay, wait, wait let me go back! Now I landed in Cleveland, Ohio December 12, 2014, I seriously must have gotten pregnant as soon as Naomi’s grandparents left (clears throat.) I just remember Christmas Day being super-duper tired, like I had been building, buildings all day, which definitely was not the case. I didn’t ponder on it though, I mean whatever right?

By the time the New Year rolled around I was so tired I didn’t know my name. I slept so much I couldn’t get enough sleep from sleeping (does that even make any sense, whatever you catch my drift.) Bottom line is things started to get really intense when my period was like drip, drop, I’m done. Silly me, “I’m like maybe I’m just stressed from the move.” As if 1+1 doesn’t equal 2, or should I say 3. BUT!!! Let me tell you my breast were sooooo sore I was scared to take a shower; I would be running from the water! (Serious face)

So anyways I went to the Dollar Tree, that’s right don’t trip the Dollar Tree! (I know I am not the only one) I brought me a pregnancy test and headed back home. I peed, put on my gym attire, read negative and went on my marry little way out the door and headed to the gym.

I did my daily workout, ya know, got my little sweat on, and went on home. Now let me tell you things were about to get real real and I didn’t even know it. Before I hopped in the shower I was like “let me throw this false alarm, maybe one day sooner than later away I left on the sink.” Yes I did discard my pee; I know what you were thinking. (Cutely rolls eyes) Let me tell you when I saw those two blue lines honey, I started sweating everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. (Whoa I’m getting hot now just thinking about it) so I picked up the box, read the directions, read the directions that came inside of the box, googled and called ghost busters! Now here I am butt balled naked looking like a deer in head lights, in shock. Like me, I’m pregnant. OH MY GODDDDD!!!!! I’M PREGNANT!!! Okay! Okay! So I picked up the phone and I called (who do you think I called?) if you said my momma you better believe it. I dang sure wasn’t about to call my daddy and tell him, then he would know for sure I was having sex. (yeah, yeah I know he knew), and as far as Rob, like what if he was driving and I told him and he wrecked the car, or what if he was eating and he choked. How the heck would I explain that to our itsy bitsy baby!?

All I know is by the time I hung up with my mom I was calling Rob!!!

ROB: Hello

Me: Hey baby (eyes big as golf balls)

ROB: what up baby

ME: sooo what you doing

ROB: April I’m at work, what’s wrong with you now (I always call Rob all day for the dumbest things, whoops my bad)

ME: I’M PREGNANT!!!!!! (No I couldn’t wait until he got home, trust me)

HIM: you took a test?

ME: no, silly the baby kicked, duh, what do you think?

ROB: okay baby, well I’ll be home soon. Love you.

ME: ummm, okay. I love you too.

Was he on one are not? I’m over here tripping out, and he is cool as a cucumber.

So here it is about an hour and a half later (I’m still naked, dumb founded, and thirsty at this point) and in walks Rob with a Wal-Mart bag with three pregnancy test. (And here I’m thinking I over exaggerate.) So of course both said positive. That morning for confirmation I took the third pregnancy test, positive. (Duh right, I know) I cried, I cried, I was so so so happy!

Shortly after I felt sick as a dog (as my mother would say)

Apparel for today:

Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a Blessing!