Tag Team Her!

I am very blessed and thankful to say  Naomi sleeps through the night, still!! Whoever said you never sleep the same after having a baby was lying when they said that! I have been sleeping like a rock since Naomi was going on three months old. Ask and you shall receive. I pray about everything!

Naomi may be sleeping through the night, but getting her to go to sleep is a job now. (Speaking of prayer, haha.) Rob and me have to tag team Naomi from time to time these days. It’s funny and frustrating all at the same time.

Now don’t get me wrong now, this is not a every night thing. (Thank you Jesus.) And trust me, I appreciate the nights when she remembers her schedule. (Haha.) Overall she does good! BUT! The nights when she is sleepy as ever and tired like a dog who’s been picking bones all day and still refuses to fall asleep until she can no longer take it anymore. Those nights….those are the nights when I wish I could snap my fingers and she’s out like a light. If Naomi is set on not going to sleep, she is NOT going to sleep. I can sing, hum, read, hold her, cuddle with her it does not matter! Naomi be up looking like, WHAT’S UP MOMMY!! Usually two books in Naomi is out. Sometimes my humming will send her right off to sleep. It just all depends on the night.

Naomi handles Rob and me very differently. She knows my limits, and she knows Robs limits. Rob is more so the play toy, he’s something like a jungle gym, and of course she is a daddy’s girl!

Naomi is very emotional. She loves to be loved on and also to give love. She’s definitely a cuddler, she’s very touchy feelly. When Rob puts his foot down and says, “Naomi! Lay down and go to sleep!” Naomi will give him kisses back to back on his cheek. And of course it’s super adorable and it melts our hearts. We say, “awww.” By that time we have to start all over again because Naomi thinks we’re playing now cause we praised her for doing something cute. When I put my foot down and say, “Naomi! Lay down.” She starts bopping her head side to side, dancing. That’s because we dance and listen to music everyday. That’s her way of getting to me. I end up laughing. So we have to start all over again. Before you know it, it’s an hour passed Naomis bedtime.

It can be very tiredsome some nights. Especially if it’s already been a long day.

For all moms you know each day can be completely different from the last one. Yesterday Naomi woke up ready for whatever. She ran me every which way yesterday. Today, Naomi is laid back, relaxing. I think she may even doze off in a minute.

Regardless to whether it is a long night, or a short day with Naomi I am very thankful to God that I have a tag team partner to help me out. Rob is soooo amazing. I know when he gets home from work that he too is dead dog tired himself.

Even though stay at home moms are sometimes criticized for our extra leisure time, Robs never belittles my job as a mom. Whether I’m out the house providing for her or in the house providing for her. It is all work. He never questions my tiredness because I don’t clock in or out. And believe it or not by 8 o’clock I am drained mentally and physically.

At 7:30 p.m. it is officially clean up time. Everything that Naomi has pulled out of her toy box goes back in it by 7:30. By 8 o’clock Naomi is down for the count, buuuuuuut I don’t know if that means she will fall asleep when I read to her on this night or not. I just roll with the punches. But you best believe that I am on the look out for my tag team partner when a certain time rolls around. Sometimes I’m waiting to hear the garage door open.

I know Rob has a very stressful job and that he is beyond tired but I still solely depend on him. I feel relieved knowing that help is on the way.

And being the amazing man/father/ husband that Rob is, he comes in the house, washes his hands and jumps right in with no complaints. Naomi is a piece of work.  She hits the ground running in the morning, up until she passes out. She tries to extend her time certain nights. But the nights when she follows her schedule she is out by 8:30 p.m. Out of excitement sometimes I do a little boogie dance! Hahaha. I’m so serious. I’m starting to think that I’m burning more calories at home than what I am in the gym. I’m sooooo serious! But if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. I love it, all of it! And I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world.

I love you sweet pea.