She will ALWAYS be the reason

In all honesty, *inhales and exhales* tonight was a rough night after seeing that Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Do you laugh or cry? I’m in love with a BLACK man that just happens to be a Marine, I’ll just leave that there…..I will say this though, it’s funny how God will show you who people really are when it comes to circumstances. *Chuckles* It’s really sad because, some people really need to sit down with God and get to know themselves, for real. I have blocked and deleted a few people tonight. And I’m not bothered at all in doing so.  And if anyone cares to find out why, if you magically find a way some how to get in contact with me that is…I will gladly tell you why. My stomach literally turned tonight. 

But God….

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

This is the reality of life right now. But I recall other times when life wasn’t so good for me. The times when I was scared, sad, broken, confused, lost in like and in love. But in those times I soley and always relied on God, as I still do now. There’s NEVER been a moment in my life where I have. fell to my knees, crying, balled up in bed, crying, laying on the couch, crying, in the shower, crying, driving in my car, crying, talking on the phone, crying. Never have I once called on the President. Never! And I will never call on the President. Past, present or futute! If anything I pray for the President and the world we live in.

The point I’m trying to make is this, why am I upset, worried about a man who does not have full control over anything! Not even his own mouth.  When you’re in a crazy, down spiral in life, and any noun around you doesn’t piece together, WHO ARE YOU GONNA CALL? The President?! Have you been calling the President? Because most people, even the atheist call on God in a crisis!!!

God is the ruler of  ALL things! 

When Naomi was born and had to seek medical care at a childrens hospital I called on the name of Jesus. I prayed to myself, I prayed out loud, I even wrote the prayers down in my journal in the mist of it all! I NEVER once stopped talking to Jesus.  I even prayed in my sleep, cause I would dream about Naomi and she was always okay. I know that was God talking back to me. He is who gave/gives me hope. He is truely the center of my peace. I prayed and cried. And if I was crying and not praying, I knew my tears were liquid prayers. I never stopped praying! Never! And while I prayed I never once called on the President and said, “President, help me! Help me please.”

In the mist of my frustration as I lay in bed watching my husband sleep, and looking at “Army Wives” the tv show, again for the second time. (I’m thinking Marine Wife’s would have been better, teehee.) That’s just me being bias, i mean, I am a Marine Wife. Anyways! In the moment of just sadness and disbelief God showed me Naomi, and I instantly smiled. I saw her little face and those little teeth when she laughs and smiles. I saw Naomi waking up happy, and going to sleep happy! I saw Naomi walking around and amazed at something new to her! When she took her first steps she looked so confused and in awh all at the same time. I saw Naomi smile at me, and I knew then and there that everything will be alright! God gave me a life that has changed mines forever. My little girl is depending on me. She trusts me. AND I TRUST GOD!!!!! I always have! And I always will! 

Naomi is the reason for a lot of things these days! And it all makes me smile, even the days that are a little bit longer than others. Naomi will always be the reason for laughter, smiles and giggles. She is truuuuuley, truely, and blessing to my hubby and me. We love us some Naoooomi! She will always be the reason. *I’m smiling.*

God didn’t promise a trouble free life, but He did promise to never abandon us.

Everything will be just fine, it will be! Pray!!!!!!!!!!! Speak things over your life, over your families life. Life and death is in the power of the tongue! WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! Speak things into existence! And rebuke the things that you don’t want a part of your life. Be bold! And NEVER be ashamed of loving God! Few people have made the comment to me, “Prove that God exist.” I say, “Prove He doesn’t.”

I’m Just Saying…

Naomi baby, I love you so much. You will always be the reason.