what the heck man

Okay so look I actually have a lot of good topics to share with you, but all I can think about is what in the Sam Brown will cook for dinner tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that!!!! For those of you who didn’t know, yes your girl can cook. Did you think Kimberly (my mommy) would ever let me leave the nest without knowing? For those who know, you already know! I cook dinner four to five times a week. Yes, we eat left overs, baaaaby when those seasons settle, let me tell you!

So I got two new cook books that I am going to look through and whip up some new things! I’m going to pick a few recipes that I’m really interested in trying and make a grocery list so I don’t forget anything.

Like the last few days I’ve been so miserable in the kitchen like what the heck am I going to cook. Trust me folks I have literally ran out of every idea, but leave it to a book to come through! I’m actually kind of excited about this though, I love learning new things, and when I’m really into something I get soooo obsessed so hey, you never know I may be on a cooking show in the years to come. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TOO, FOR THE HATER WHO JUST DOUBTED ME. (Duck lips, oh yeah this coffee is hitting this morning hunny.)

So after I get some recipes together I will be very glad to share them with you! Until then I am going to hit up Subway and figure the rest out later!

God Speed.

I’m Just Saying….