Pray & Manifest That Thang!(Affirmations & Journaling.)

Jesus, please bless this month with healing, clarity, peace, wisdom, and guidance. I ask for abundance, creativity, light, and love. I will not be timid in my prayers or request!
I will be bold. I will be positive. I will be grateful as if everything that I am asking for is already making its way to me! Amen. ??

Hey Chile!! How are you? How have you been?
Chile I ain’t even fitna lie. Life has been kicking my butt lately. I had a few sleepless nights in September (I’m writing a blog post about it, stay tuned!) My daughter started her first day of first grade last week. Her second year at LUOA! I’m very proud of her. But I’m here to tell you. The work load is no game. It ain’t no joke. I had to get my ‘classroom’ together. While also assisting my teacher assist, Elle’. (Two years old.)

We have “Mommy, Daddy, and Me” gymnastics for Elle’. And Naomi is booked and busy with cheerleading, piano lessons, and STEM! Chile I’m packing lunches, snacks, and filling up the cooler left and right.

We’re about to be here 4 times a week!

So, it’s Saturday morning right now. (October 2nd) Me and Elle got up early (perusal) went to Starbucks for a breakfast date (just the two of us.) We had our little mommy and mini date in the library parking lot before going in to return books and check books out! Elle’ is my morning gal. Naomi, well not so much. She’s not a morning person, at all! (Like her Daddy.)

I had to check both planners to see what needs to be done, checked off, etc. I wrote my October prayers, affirmations, and goals down. These thangs are essential to me! I am in love with structure and consistency. And yes, I rely on a good ole planner and ink pen for my everyday lifestyle.
I’m slowly but surely getting it together Chile. I’m learning to give myself some grace. I’m so hard on myself at times that I tend to get on my own nerves. But ya know, this here journey is a inside out type of thang.

Talk soon.

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