Crazy right? Oh, my gosh! Wow. (Like, a long drawn out, wooooow!)
There’s always that wow, yeah know?
Like, have you ever just set back, and looked back over ya life? Or how ya life is now, and how you never thought you could be.  You just say, ‘Wow.’ Like, Wow!!! Right?
I feel like things were always crazy for real. From day one. I mean, you know why. Not that, but that.

I mean, I really wouldn’t say it was always crazy, but it was always something. I guess I can take accountability of that.

All that happened, and then you had to leave. That was way crazy. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t realize until recent time how crazy that had to be for you though. I get it now. I mean, we’re married, but we’re still getting to know each other. #DatingWhileMarried.

So, yeah. I’m listening. #Proud

A lot, of it was funny, ya know, looking back. Some things are off limits, period.
Man, young and dumb. I mean, we’re young now, but you get what I’m saying.
Oh, my gosh. Since, 2008!
Just pure craziness. CRA-ZEE-NESS!!! You hear me?
The miles, the arguing, the cuddling, the no replies, the blues, and all the butterflies.

Ooooo, that rhymed!** (Drops mic!)

Dang. That’s just crazy.

I can’t stop saying it.

Chuckles. *

10 years of, “No matter what(s)”
Like, everything is a reminder.
The good and the bad.


Like, the hard times is when I knew that I was in love with him. Scary. But as crazy as it sounds, it was refreshing. I felt, free. But, smothered. I didn’t know this feeling. It was way unfamiliar. Like, all the times you use to think “Yeah, this is it! Until you get to know Him.
So, yeah. Who would have ever thought. It’s crazy how you look back over your life, right? When you look back over your story, the story you wrote, and the stories that were written for you. The stories that make you feel like you’re acting out someone else’s life in a movie.

True story though….

I remember just like it was yesterday! Or should I say, I remember it just like it was last night! I will spare myself and you with some of the details, but it’ll be a good story either way.

It was a Friday. Chilly outside, but far from cold. I remember, because of what I had on. I flew like a bat out of hell down 95 South,  coming from Richmond, Virginia. I was so anxious to get to the destination I knew you were at. You were a pretty good distance away. But I was determined, regardless. I remember looking at the clock in the car. and I was so relieved to see that it was 12 o’clock. I wanted to get there before 1 o’clock! If I could get there by 1 o’clock, that would be perfect! Talk about time being on my side! The spend limit went between 65-75, depending on which highway I was on. The back roads, well, the back roads, they are a whole other story.  But I remember the speed limit being like,35, maybe 45 MPH. I wasn’t going that speed limit. I was in a position, that caused me to be on a mission that I had to fulfill and conquer. I had a point to prove because I was pissed, and hurt! And I was in there like swim wear!
So, I’m like, maybe 15 minutes away from where I needed to be. I drove through the small town, and I peeped out the scene. It kind of reminded me of back home, but it was a little bit bigger. (Dang I feel like I’ve been all over the world with you. I mean, almost, maybe?) At this point I’m trying to see myself in the rearview mirror. I make sure my makeup is flawless, and my hair is all in the right places. I grab a bottle of water out of my back seat. It was half full. Pretty sure that came from a trip to the gym. So, yeah, I take some water in the palm of my hand and toss it on my wet and wavy Brazilian hair. I didn’t put a lot up there, just enough to spunk up the curls, ya know. ( By the way. I loved that sew-in!!)
I peed in the hotel room bathroom, I had called and booked myself a room on my way down the road. Reapplied my mascara, lipstick, and lotioned my body and was out!

And what a night it would be…

Him. Me. Each other.



Red Lipstick