12 weeks

Baby! Baby! Baby! I need to do better because clearly I am out of the loop. If your baby is 10 months and you’re still saying 47 weeks, I am about to tell you what a lot of people want to tell you! STOP!!! WE DO NOT KNOW HOW OLD YOUR BABY IS! Not right away anyways. I think it’s about time for you to let it go. Saying weeks when you’re pertaining to your baby is not going to slow down the process of their first birthday coming up. MMM…K!

One thing that I have learned being a new mom is that baby conversation can happen anywhere. In the produce section at the corner store while you trying to find some organic spinach. (Yes, I’m all into that organic thing.) Or at the library when you’re trying to find you a 2 a.m. “Just one more chapter” kind of read. Now I’m here to tell you, if you’re talking to this mom here about your precious life and you start throwing out numbers pass 12 weeks. Then I don’t know how old your cutie pie hunny bunny is, okay!

Some of you’re thinking, what? Yeah that’s right. I’ll be the first to tell you that numbers aren’t for me, and I’m not for numbers and there is no shame in my game. (Let’s say it together slowly, I am not ashamed.) Don’t get it twisted, I can sit down with scholars any day. You just wait for the day that Meredith Grey invites me into her  operating room, I will probably out do her (Greys Anatomy.) Whatever I chose to put my mind to I can get the job done. However, I rather not talk numbers unless it’s a deposit being made or a sale going on! Let’s just make that clear.

If some of you are petty enough to think to yourselves how will Naomi learn, because I’m just completely illiterate (Whatever) well that’s where her “Dada” comes in. I mean I can add, subtract, multiple, and divide geesh. (Heck going through trials and tribulations with people in life will allow you to be knowledgeable in that department.) Any who back to the task at hand, babies. I mean I don’t mean to brag (Blushing) my husband is a very intelligent man if I do say so myself. (I’m so bias, haha.)

He handles the numbers and I handle the words. While he is being a human calculator, I’m like a cute little ink pen ready to write something. (Duh, right?)  See I operate from the right side of the brain (creative side) where you folk, like my husband operate from the left  side of the brain, the math side.  (I’ll write a blog in the future to fill you in on that.)

Congrats to all you math buffs and it’s quite a few of you, because I have yet to run into a mother that simple says 5 months, 6 months etc. Like am I the only one? Naomi is 6 months MMM.K. Once Naomi hit 12 weeks it was a wrap from there or else I wouldn’t know how old my baby is. Moms be like, “how old is she?” “She is precious, she looks just like a doll baby.”  Well, thank you. (Naomi smiles back, she loves attention.) So I proceed to say “Awww, how old is your gorgeous princess?” “56 weeks!” Crickets. See we were having mom to mom convo, and then you lost me. So moral of this drag on story is, please lets just stick to the months okay? Trust me it’s easier. Everyone won’t tell you, but it really is.