Affirmations. (write it down & say it!)

Chile life and death is in the power of the tongue. Some folks will talk themselves right out their own blessing(s). So listen, get out your journal, piece of paper, sticky note, whateva. Write it on ya mirror if ya have too! Let’s get into this thang.

• I will be present in every moment.

• Today I speak great things over my life and in my life.

• I will be creative in my ideas today.

• I attractive and beautiful just as I am.

• I will give myself grace and have patience for myself.

• Today is full of great things known and unknown.

• I believe in myself and my abilities.

• I will celebrate my small wins.

• I will bend so I won’t break.

• I am intelligent.

• I will not break commitments to myself.

Get outside and get you some fresh air Chile! You’d be surprised what some cool breeze and sunshine will do to you and for you.

I hope this will be some help and happiness to you now and in the future! I wish you the very best in all your endeavors! #Love&Life

Take care.?

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