Breast Exam|I’m SCARED!! (take care of your boobies ladies.)

Hey Chile! ?
So I’m kinda sorta in a rush right now. But I really really wanted to share this with you. Now if you haven’t read one of my previous blog post, ‟? ???? & ???? ??????…‟ I think you so go back and read that one first. And if you have read it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

So here is something like part 2 I guess! Because Chile, when I tell you I felt a KNOT in my right breast and freaked slam out! I did!!

So one night while laying in bed, chit chatting with Bae. I just happened to reach over and feel my breast because we were currently talking about how bad I fell in the shower a few weeks ago. I touched myself and felt two mini marbles. It was two knots, side by side each other. I instantly thought cysts. Due to prior experiences. Then of course I thought the C word.?

I freaked out!!

I asked my husband to feel it. “Am I tripping!??” I asked in a panic.?

I made an appointment the very next day. Two days later I saw my doctor. She gave me a thorough breast exam and told me she did feel something in the concerned area.


So my doctor wrote me a referral to visit radiology so that I could get a ultra sound on my right breast. I anxiously made an appointment the same day. Ready to get it over with, but kind of worried at the same time.

Chile why was I late for my first appointment that was already like two weeks out in the first place! I had to make another one, and then another one!! You read it right! Chile I was too through. You hear. (Ugh!) It took me three tries to get this appointment made and done.

So today came! I was a bit nervous, but not worried. Does that make sense? I was in good spirits as soon as I woke up and got dressed. At first I contemplated my peace. Then I reminded myself who Jesus is and didn’t think twice about anymore. He is my peace. I stand on that! I talked to my momma for a few minutes in my car. (I was a little early.) I signed myself on in. I waited about 15 minutes before I got called to the back. I was fitna get worried. Thinking what went wrong now. But then the ultra sound tech called my name. ‘Mrs. Jones’ She was very sweeet btw. She examined me and then went to get the doctor. Two minutes passed before they both came knocking on the door. (I was thinking, ‘dang that was fast I was just finta get comfy.’)

So yeah, the doctor examined me. The more they looked at the screen, the faster my heart was beating. ?

The doctor asked me, ‘does it hurt.’

I replied, ‘no.’

“So it looks like there was a lot of scar tissue and blood that built up in the bruised area where you fell. It will go down. It’s healing. Remember how discolored and swollen your arm was from the fall? We’ll think of the inside of your breast looking just like that or maybe worse. The knots are gone and everything looks to be healing. Looks good!”

Chile I was so relieved! Thank You Jesus! ?? Whew Chile. I’m thankful. I have speaking healing and health over me for weeks! thinking about it. Not tryna think about. I would have times when I would think, what if? Then I would get to praying Chile because I ain’t fitna be having those thoughts!??‍♀️

So, I would like to share with you in another blog post about different experiences I have experienced due to these here BOOBIES! I have had three mammograms, 1 biopsy and 2 cyst removed 3 years apart from each other. I thank God for these healthy breast. I sure do.?

“I am healthy. I am healed. I am whole.” ?

I Gotta go now!
Talk soon.?


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