California Dreaming

To me…

Being a military wife is everything. Some would say, “Girl you are crazy!” To each it’s own though because I am havin a ball. I really enjoy being a military wife. Not to mention how proud I am of my bomb !?+ husband! Oh yeah, did I tell you that I was also a military brat!? My Daddy retired from the Air Force in 95’. I love traveling the world, and I love traveling the world even more with my best friends. Seeing new places, learning new things with each other. Just taking it all in day by day.

Yeah, being away from home can be scary. But being at home can be scary too! Haha!!

It gets lonely at times. Ya know, being away from family and friends. People that you trust to help you, be there. But we make it. It’s our life style. We just make it do what it do. Because ya know what? At the end of the day, life is what you make it! I can’t stand when my husband has to leave for this training, that deployment, or whatever it is that they do exactly. But I just put my best foot forward, be his peace, and keep the phones close by.  As long as he is safe and sound, tried and true, we good! That’s the beauty of it all. Perspective! I’ve really been on this perspective thing lately. I’m not sure if you’ve recognized but its working for me. Anyways. I can’t even lie, I enjoy the military lifestyle. Not always, but, mostly. It’s cool. Regardless of what, the good out weights the bad any day. Living in California with my husband, sharing experiences together, it is major to me. It is everything. Haha. (That was corny!) The west coast is dreamy. It’s a different kind of cozy. But regardless of the feeling, I’m a East coast gal all day. Who knows where we will end up. I just want to be there together. This time last year we were taking a road trip across the country to our new home, Cali. I felt all kinds of ways. (Ah man.) Moving to Cleveland, Ohio was one thing, but California. That’s like moving on the other side of the world. I mean, technically. Who would have ever thought? Us in Cali! I was nervous, and full of what ifs, but I was ready though! I’m always ready. 

Traveling from Virginia to California in “Silvia” (Robs car, haha.) with my husband and daughter was so dope. Like mind blowing. Going from state to state. Seeing the views change with each mile. Just us three. Living life and figuring it out all on the way. Naomi was so pleasant in the car. She’s so chill. Drive thrus, truck stops, aux cords, car chargers, pandoras playlist, Red Bull, and then some, accompanied us on the ride. Oh yeah, going through the drive thru on a regular is so aggy when you don’t eat beef or pork. Ugh. I was soooo over chicken tenders by the time we made it to Phoenix, Arizona. I was so glad to get a salad and turkey burger when we checked into our hotel suit. I. DID. NOT. KNOW. WHAT. TO. DO!! I ain’t lying Chile. I do not mean any harm. But how someone can go without eating vegetables and a hot home cooked meal on a regular basis is beyond me! I felt so blah. So yeah, room service was bumping that night! You ever ate something and couldn’t stand to see the last bite go? 

I took sooo many pictures and sooo many videos! I love making memories. I want to have scrapbooks for days to look back on as the years past. It’s pretty bad though, I guess. I rarely post pictures of my family and me on any of my social media platforms. I just feel like everything isn’t for everybody. My best moments are rarely shared on social media. To me it’s just that. I mean, I understand it’s social media, but there’s no law saying what I have to post. I rather have family scrapbooks and what not. 

Now all jokes aside, our across the country road trip was perfect. There were a few minor things that tried to get in the way. One being car sickness. (Motion sickness.) I would just go to sleep when I started feeling a little woozy. Overall though, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at all. Rob always does all the driving. Now!! For the person who is like, “You don’t help him drive?” The answer would be, *Ding Ding Ding* No, I do not. You know why? Because you can’t help those who don’t want to be helped. He doesn’t want me to drive, he doesn’t ask me to drive. So I just thug it out on the passenger side. BAM! Rob enjoys driving though. Before we get on the road for take off we always stop and rack up on snacks. All three of us pick out some of our favs. My healthy self is always somewhere looking for a salad and some fruit. You best believe I’m going to have me some flaming hot Cheetos though. Rob and me share that really big bag of sunflowers seeds. You know which ones I’m talking about? Fun fact: I love me some sunflower seeds. The BBQ flavor is my least favorite though.  I miss this gas stationed called ‘Get Go’ in Ohio. I guess it’s kind of like a ‘Wawa.’ I like ‘Get Go’ better though. The food there, bomb!! I used to get a turkey sandwich on pretzel bread. Let me tell ya! Woo-wee Chile! Naomi and me stayed getting slushes from there and fountain drinks. With a military I.D. you could get any free beverage. I used to hit up the coffee station before work every other Sunday when I worked at Sally’s too. 

Ya know, recruiting duty was pretty, pretty sucky. Although I can’t lie, I appreciate recruiting duty for soooo many reason. I promise, I’ll get int that later in future blogs. I don’t want to spoil it all now. I appreciate recruiting duty for more reasons than one. My husband worked his you know what off, we had a new baby, newly married, far away from home, we were LIT honey. Life changed. We had to fit in where we could get (it) in on recruiting duty. Haha. So the car ride across the country was like, intimate. Kind of romantic too. (Chuckles.) I know it sounds crazy, but. We just talked for hours and hours in the car, it’s dark, Naomi’s sleep, playlist on go, and junk food! HellSounds like a date to me. Just in a living car. It’s like we were catching up. A lot had happened in three years already. We finally were free. Who knows what I’m talking about??! (The first person that comes to mind is my girl Tiffany. Chile. Haha. ♥️) Recruiting duty sucked! We made it through though. I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful for the people I met that became family on recruiting duty. Friendships that are made forever. We don’t see each other daily. But when life happens or gets real for any of us. You can’t keep us apart!

I tell you life is what you make it. If we would have listened to what the nay sayers said, we would have never made it. (Chuckles.) Our first few years of marriage we shut ish down! Forgetting how the world does things and following each other’s leads! I’m so proud of us. Shux! And BIG UPS to Naomi too!

Some days, most days I love the Marine Corps. I’m thankful my daughter can experience what I experienced as a child traveling the world. Then there are some days I want the Marine Corps to kiss the darkest.. 

I miss my family a lot. My parents, my niece, my brothers. Ugh. Thank God for FaceTime, like forreal. My parents will FaceTime for hours, multiple times a day. It’s fun. Plus it gives us something to look forward to during the day. I miss my home gals too. Little dinner dates, and shopping trips together. Ya know, stuff like that. I feel like Rob & me just fell in love. Two young kids. Trying to figure out life as we go on the other side of the world. It’s crazy how we used to talk about these things back in the day. Now we share more than what we would have ever thought together. God is amazing! It’s about to be a year already that we have been living in California. That’s so crazy me. Right now I’m in my room, in bed, talking to you, in Califonia. This exact same time last year we were back on the road leaving San Antonio, Texas. When they say time waits for no one. They ain’t lying. I spend some nights binge scrolling Pinterest for house decor ideas. Last year this time I didn’t even know what the inside of my home looked like. And now we share our 2nd home together. To me, the best thing you can do is march to the beat of ya own drum until you find that one you’re in sync with to march right beside you. (Haha. I just made that up. Was that corny?)

California Love.♥️




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  1. Silvia! I learned something new. I didn’t know that was the cars name. Can’t believe it’s been a year though!!! Xoxo

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