Cute ‘Nick Nacks’ & Nails (self-care.)

Hey Chile hey!!

Welcome back!

And if you’re new here, Chile I am too glad to have you!?

I have been pretty busy these last few days, weeks, months, Chile. I have been booked and busy with a little this and a little that. Who was that that said SAHM don’t do nothing all day? Mmcht. Palease. So if you know me, you know I’m going to make time to get these nails done. I don’t give a dog on what I have going on. What’s the saying? You make time for what you want. We’ll Chile, I’m gone make sure I make time on my agenda fuh these here nails! Yes, nail care is self-care fuh me. It is something I looked forward to every two to three weeks, depending. I enjoy everything about the nail shop. The sound, the smell, and the looking forward too. (My new set.)

Ain’t nothing like a fresh set!
I don’t know why I’ve been feeling this black look lately. Black just gives me sexy, ya know.??

So look, I’ve been doing some cute, bargain, house décor shopping! I enjoy shopping for house décor. Heck, I enjoy shopping period. (Haha!) But umm, yeah, I enjoy shopping for my home. I love to see the before and the after of my ideas in which I turn into creation. I love how I make our home comfy and cozy. It’s really nothing like it. I really need to get into DIYing a lot more I feel like. That another story though. I’ll keep you posted on that.

As much I like to go out, travel, explore, see new thangs even if it’s just riding around and site seeing, home is where the heart it fuh me. And I am definitely one to keep my safe haven, cute, comfy, organized and cozy. Home is the place of all places fuh me.

Chile, why is the mall right up the street from me. I mean, not literally up the street, but close enough. It’s about 12 minutes out the gate let the GPS tell it. Just know it’s too close for my husbands comfort. (TeeHee.!)?

This store has everythang from a fancy ink pen to a cute clothes hamper. And cheap too!?

I feel a little a bit of, ‘you go girl!’ when I transform my house into a home! So yes, I love some décor shopping. And for the cheap! When I can get my house together for the cheap ,cheap. Chile, it’s lit city fuh me! Now of course some pieces be a bit expensive. Ya know, some thangs ain’t no way around it. But Chile I will try and find a center piece or a nick nack for the cheapo. And SHEIN is the place tuh be! Look

Chile now I ain’t gone lie. I miss me some Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, Home Goods, and Chile I am praying that I see a Dollar Tree on somebody’s corner here in Japan. I have never been to At Home. And from what I see, I’m missing out!! But this store right here in the mall got me going in there twice a week on a good week. Bae be like, so what you ladies doing today? I be like, ?

So yeah, if you ain’t neva been on SHEIN, go! I love everything about SHEIN Chile. And if you have been on the website but you ain’t checked out the home décor section, Chile gone head ova there why don’t ya. And tell them to sponsor my while you ova there. (Ha!) I’m Just Saying…

I got this from SHEIN too. I was tired of my makeup being in all my makeup bags from traveling. I like these, but I do see myself ordering something different in the near future. It’s not giving everythang I wanted it to give. But it will do for now. I’ll keep you posted Chile.

Alright now I’m fitna head on out. There’s a few thangs I want to take care of before it gets too late.

P.S. Head on ova to my previous post, SAHM Chronicles (??? ???’? ??????? ????!) so you will know what it is and what it ain’t when I post Part 2. Chile it done got real real around here!

Talk soon.?

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