Here, You Can Have This.

What if we talked about what scares you the most in life. Don’t think hard about it, just think, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to fear? What holds your brain hostage a few hours out the day, a few days out of the week, a few months out of the year, a few years out of a decade. What is it that scares you? Big or small. Minor, or major. What are you really afraid of?

Be honest with yourself. This is about you, and no one else.

Now, whatever it is that has petrified you in life, that keeps you from getting rest and only sleep at night, I want you to hand it over, let it, get rid of it, throw it away.

Say this, no, I’m so, so, so, serious. Say this, here, you can have this.

You know how you trust people in life over and over again. And some of those very same people, fail you over, and over again. But we still, move on and trust more people throughout our life. Whether it be just a little bit, or a lot. At some point you trust someone to some degree.

Sooooo, just think of one person, in your life who you trust with a secret, ya money, ya heart, ya kids, whatever it is that you may trust them with, think back on a time when they made you a promise, and you believed them. Maybe you told this person a secret, and you trusted that this person is going to keep this secret until the day they die. Or maybe you gave someone a lot of money, and you trust that they will pay you back, every nickel and dime. How about when you give someone your heart and soul, and you trust they will never hurt you. Right? So, the same way we trust people, is the same way I trust God, but, supernumerary. My faith in God is so real for so many reasons. What is luck?

I remember when I was a little girl, my Daddy once said to me, the same way you trust me to give you whatever it is that you want or need, I want you to trust God even more.

I was about nine when my Daddy said that to me. And I took his advice whole heartedly. I made it up in my mind, maybe about 6 months ago that I will choose happiness, regardless of what may or what may go. I know what pain feels like, I done been heartbroken, broke, and some mo. And looking back, some of those problems wouldn’t have even been problems persay if my perspective was different. Life is hard. Bad times come and they go. But when you choose a certain type of mindset, some of your problems just aren’t as big as we make them. Peace is everything!

This Joyce Myers book, I have spoke about it before, Get Your Hopes Up, has really done something to me. I seem to always have my hopes up these days. This book is so real and refreshing, I wake up everyday and read a chapter. And when I get to the end, I’m going to go right back to the beginning. I refuse to be stagnate in pain, and things that don’t bring me pleasure. I’m not perfect, but I am not alright with lack of growth. There are times when I may be sad, frustrated, exhausted, or whatever come what may, it’s life right? But you know what? I can say that I am truly happy. Each day I find happiness in something new, something I never paid attention to before. Health, love, life, just to name a few, you know what I’m saying? Some people lack all three. Count ya blessings, and always be thankful. I’ve gotten rid of things that cause me to be anything less than happy, and I refuse to settle for anything less. Life is precious, times is precious. So many people only exist in this world and portray happiness, and have never lived a day in their lives. That use to be me. Find your purpose, and love yourself.

So, if there is something that is bothering you, ya know, keeping you trapped in your mind. Just say this, again, here, you can have it. Give it to God, trust Him, just like you trust people, but more. Stop rattling your brain about people, places, and things that cause you to be stagnate in your character, in your talents, in goals, in your dreams. Go after everything that God has for you! Grow. Be great. And tell God, here, you can have this.

I’m Just Saying…