I Hear You Baby

Let me just share with you how much my sweet pea talks! My baby will talk you under the table. Naomi will start talking the very moment she opens her beautiful big eyes! For an 8 month old baby, Naomi has a lot to say! I’m sure she gets it from her mommy (Hahaha.) You know I always have something to say! Her Dada can be quite talkative when he wants to be too. (For those that know him, know exactly what I mean.) So our little princess really didn’t stand a chance in the quiet department…at all!

I’m not  really sure what she is saying a lot of times, well except for Dada! All I know is that she is happy! And that is what’s important to me!

Naomi and me talk about everything together! We talk about numbers, letters, colors, books, foods, and most importantly the goodness of God! Matter of fact Naomi is sitting beside me talking right now (Hahaha.) Whatever it is it’s very important because she is practically yelling at me right now. (Hilarious.)

So folks we may just have a lawyer on our hands, always trying to argue her point. Or maybe a motivational speaker. Who knows! Regardless I’m so very proud of her! It isn’t a moment in the day that Naomi doesn’t amaze me with something.

I’ve learned being Naomi’s mommy that time spent with your child and or children  is very significant, it’s valuable, I believe more to them than to you! Almost. They understand. Taking time out to teach them, they listen. It’s never too early.

Did I mention that I call Naomi my little radio sometimes too. That’s  because she will hum when it’s bedtime. I always sing Naomi to sleep and she joins in as my back ground singer. It’s so precious to me. Those are the moments that really warm my heart. I’m so filled up!

So keep on talking…I hear you baby! I hear you!

I love you baby girl.