Late Night Chit Chats



Okay, so yeah, its been a little minute since you’ve last heard from me. Just know that my daughter has my hands full. In amazing ways. She’s so so cute. Time is flying and everyday life is happening all around me and I’m needing like at least 6 more hours in the day. And the time change has Naomi slightly rebellious because she’s probably thinking, “Mum, but the sun is still out.” I mean, that’s what I would be thinking. She’s getting older now so her daily activities have picked up a bit. We are doing waaaaay more. Ya know,  learning and what not. I sprinkle some fun with it. We’re preparing for Mothers Day gifts now. So exciting! Naomi is pretty crafty if I do say so myself. I love that my anniversary and Mothers Day is in the same month. Lots and lots of celebrating going on. 

It’s pretty late right now and I’m not even close to being sleepy. I took a nap with Noami today. Let’s just say, my allergies are kicking my butt. SUKCS! For those who know, the struggle is real right? Uugghh!

I’m reading a really good book at the moment too. I’ve been on a roll. Read my last book in one week. Which is a first. Ya know, having an almost two year old and all. I made some pretty good book choices at the library last week. I checked out four books by three Authors I was completely clueless about. I love late night “one more chapter” books. For all my book worms you know! Am I lying? Books and muisc. Who really needs t.v? Don’t get me wrong! I have a list of shows that I love. I even get attached to some of the characters. But if I had to choose between a t.v. and a book. I’m definitely choosing a book! Hands down. And if I could have a radio, CD player, MP3, etc. I am perfectly fine with that too. I can tell my own stories listening to music. I ain’t lying. 

Speaking of music. When you hear certain songs, does it take you back to moments in your life? It does for me. Kind of like smells. When you smell something and it reminds you of something or someone.

 Anyways, this song came on that reminded me of my husband and I back in the day. Crazy thing is, I don’t even know the song. It’s an R&B song. I’m clueless to who it is. I don’t really like the song that much. It’s not bad or anything. Put it like this, it isn’t on my playlist. So! It was just the song that was out at the time. And I remember going on a date, with my husband, he wasn’t my husband at the time. He took me to Burger King after leaving the recruiting station to enlist into the Marine Corps. I went with him that day. It was a Wednsday. He was doing PT with a few Marines and some other soon to be Marines. I set in the office on the couch. Reading through pages in different books telling the history of the Marine Corps.

 Afterwards I was sooo hungry and I was so eager to get something to eat. I had no money at all. He did, but it was scarce. But guess what he did!? He took me to Burger King across the street and we set inside at a booth right next to a window. We could see all the cars coming and going on Highway 95. He didn’t eat. Feeding us both would have been a stretch. Food or gas? But for me, he’d give me his last. Always has. I got me a whopper meal. And I got to get cheese!! Shoooot! You know cheese cost extra. We set at that booth and we talked and laughed. We talked about the present, the future, the what-ifs. Wow! Thats soo amazing to me. *Back then* 

Let me just say this! That was the best date I have ever been on! No doubt about it. My husband didn’t have much when I met him. Heck! I didn’t either. *Hahaha* We were two “kids” early twenties still trying to figuring out this thing called life. He didn’t have it all. But he always made me feel like a Queen. He always put me first. And his potiental and drive is sexy. I liked him. And then I fell in love with him. 

Don’t you just love, love stories?  Funny I say that though, because I definitely do not read love stories.

Reminiscing on the beginnings of us, all came from a song. Music is life. You can feel so many emotions from one song. I remember the song my husband was singing back when I first met him. *Haha* -weak!-

I’ll save that story too, for another day. 

I pray all is well with you though! I hope life is treating you good! 

Same ole thing with me. Busy busy bee. Some extra curricular activities are on our list. Naomi seems to enjoy it. Except for the mornings when I wake her up early. She’s not too bad though. She gets it together pretty quick. I love tiring her out early. Makes the rest of my day smooth. One of my friends introduced me to a trial near her house. AAHHHH-MAZING! It gives me a run for my money every time! Naomis exhausted as if she pushed and pulled me up and down the hills for more than and hour. After our morning work outs, we just do our basic routines of the day and rest.

Well, I reckon I try and get some sleep. I’m going to read a few chapters before I doze off! That means I’ll probably be up for another hour or so. Anyways night night.

Spread LOVE and not hate. Positive vibes on. Negatives vibes off. Pray. Drink ya water and always know things could be worse. Pray for discernment  for all the comrades in ya life. And thank God for all the confindants surrounding you. They say if you have five in your life you’re a very blessed individual.  Stay up and stay strong. And if you’re  going through a storm in your life. Wake up in the morning and tell he devil you’re the storm! Now let me go, because I gots (no typo) to gets my beauty sleep.

I’m Jusf Saying…