Our Little Easter Bunny

Yesterday was Naomi’s first EASTER. Super-duper cute! She was sooooo precious I just couldn’t get enough of her. She had on a peach colored tutu dress, with jean styled dress shoes, and I even did her hair the night before with the help of Rob. Thank God I got three good pictures because she just was not having it. Naomi isn’t a fussy baby at all. She’s very chill and laid back. (She gets that from her “Dada.”) OMG what if she acted like me!!! (AHHHH) For those who know me let’s take a moment of silence! (I am literally laughing hysterically.)

Anyways Naomi was super fussy and I’m like what is the problem baby? So I take off her dress and put her on an onesie, and she was happy go lucky from the moment I took that dress off. I guess it was just too much for her, and I think the tutu part might have been itchy.

Rob, Naomi, and I were invited to some friends’ house for dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves! Every time we get together we have a ball. OOOOO and let me tell you the food was out of this world! Naomi herself had a little bit of string beans, and yams. She loved it. Her “Dada” wasn’t feeding her fast enough I don’t think. After dinner Naomi took a massive poop! It was all up her back, so I had to change her extra set of clothes too. (Ha-ha.) What a day right? Not too soon after, Naomi was knocked out in her “Dada” arms. Our little precious angel just makes everything so much better.

Naomi was given the cutest Easter basket that her daddy and I also helped ourselves too as well. So overall Easter was a really good day, we went home and kicked back, I don’t even remember going to sleep. (I was so full.) I took some food to go and had a nerve to eat more when I got home. Silly me! Naomi and I were out for the count! We left Rob up by himself, I’m sure he wasn’t far behind us though!

Happy Easter Baby Girl!

You’re truly loved,

Mommy & Dada