So You Tell Me

Ain’t nothing like some fresh nails Chile!
Ain’t nothing like a fresh fill-in and a good ole gel polish.
I’m already looking forward to my next visit. (Ha-ha. I’m so corny.) I’m feeling a bright color coming up next.
For those who don’t know, I don’t play about my nails.
So, yeah. I wanted to come and chit chat with you about something real quick!
I overheard a conversation the other day. (Not literally the other day.) I didn’t chime in because it was none of my business. I just listened or whatever.
Okay, so this is what was said in other words….
‘Why do women always feel the need to rely on their husbands so much?’
*Clears throat*
First thing first, don’t confuse, options with needy. Cause me, on a good day I will worry the heck out of my husband on ALL the things I can do on my own. But because I can, I will.
Yep! I said what I said.
I mean just like Rob can fix his own plate. All day every day, with no problem, but every night for dinner guess who fixes his plate? Yep. Yours truly.
Ain’t no love lost. We ain’t being lazy or selfish.
It’s called togetherness. One plus one equals two. Team work, makes the dream work. I mean, what’s the big deal?
Rob usually takes out the trash. But when he’s gone on a ‘deployment’ or ‘training’ who do you thinks dumps the trash? Exactly!
Before I got married, I handled all my business. One of the many things my husband loves about me. I take care of business, and I gets stuff done. Ask about me.
But one thing that boils my potato is talking to people on the phone. I do not like taking care of business of the phone. I can’t stand it. I be so aggy. So, guess what, when it comes to calling insurance,  the cable company, heck, sometimes ordering food for delivery, (Examples.) Rob does it. Yep. What’s wrong with that? He knows just like I know, that that right there ain’t my thang. He’s my partner. He’s my helper. I’ll ask him anytime I get good and ready for help.
People don’t think before they speak, or either they ain’t working with a full deck of cards. Either way. I see it like this. Just because I don’t do something, doesn’t mean I don’t know how. Okay?
Or this is one that gets me. ‘Her husband gave it to her.’ ‘Her husband gave her the money for that.’
Umm…it’s her husband. Funny thing is, if someone’s husband didn’t do anything, then that would be a problem. So, you tell me, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN? Geeesh!
People will always find something to talk about, right? I reckon that is never going to get played out. That’s a forever trend I guess. Yikes!
And since when is it crazy for a wife to ask her husband for help? Or a husband to ask his wife for help? That’s what it’s made for. It’s women out here helping grown tail men that got bout four other women taking care of him too. And?? That’s cool though right?
Folks getting recognition for the wrong things.
We live in a world where it’s crazy, I ain’t lying. You can be 37 years old and get pregnant. And people’s eyes be falling out their head in shock. But if you’re 15 or 16 years old, it’s like, when’s the baby shower? It’s a normal thing.
Huh? Ok…
It’s cool for a 12-year-old to lose his/her virginity now ugh days. But! If you’re a 33 year old virgin, waiting on marriage. ‘That’s stupid. That’s crazy.’
Chile, I tell ya.
You better stayed prayed up.
I’m Just Saying…