Turn Off The TV & Open A Book (??????? ???????!)

Hey Chile! Long time no hear from. I know. I done moved overseas a some mo since we last chit chatted. Don’t worry though, I will definitely fill you in on the ins and outs, craziness and chaos! What a journey, literally. (Haha.)

Anyways, now that I am pretty much settled in and comfy cozy in our house that now looks like a home, I want to share with you my morning routine. Fun fact about me, I love organization, structure, and somewhat of a routine when it comes to certain daily tasks. Consistency is slowly but surely becoming my homegirl again when it comes to the thangs I enjoy doing in the morning, afternoon, and at night.

So yeah, I’m something like a bookworm. I absolutely love to read. I love words, poems, and quotes. I can be reading a book, watching a tv show, or having a conversation with someone and click ‘Notes’ on my phone to take down the word I don’t understand that was heard and/or read. If I’m in conversation I’ll ask, what does such and such mean? I have a Quotes album in my phone and a list of new words I have learned or need to learn the meaning of.

For me, reading is fundamental, entertaining, and calming. I read about three books at one time. Something spiritual, educational or informative, and yeah, like I said, something entertaining. And when I say entertaining I mean, drama filled!! Ya know, one of those books that makes me be like, ‘okay one more chapter’ at 1 o’clock in the morning when I know I needs to have my butt asleep. But hey, it beats watching TV. I would rather have a book than a television any day.

Good Morning Chile…?

Chile, I likes to get up before my girls.? I must admit. I am definitely a morning person. ☕️

I wake up on my own about 7-7:30 every morning. I used to get up about 6-6:30 every morning, but my butt be up reading these dog on books. My husband be knocked out and I be having my little flash light he got me to get my read on. Ain’t nothing like it Chile. My little candle be lit and my lemongrass diffuser be going. (Anyways, I digress.) I’m supposed to be telling you about my morning routine.

I say my prayers. I thank Jesus for waking me up this morning, (As well as my husband who is up before me on the week day.) #APrayingWife I pray for continuous peace for the day despite what may occur throughout my day. I pray for joy and confidence and fulfillment that only I know God can give me. I pray for protection and safety in my house and outside of my house. (I pray these thangs over myself and my family, individually and collectively in the name of Jesus.) I give God thanks from the dish washer to being in good health. So forth and so on. Then I let my feet hit the floor. Now, I love me some ice cold water. But I also know the benefits of room temperature water. So, I gone head a drink that bottle of water on my nightstand that I put there the night before. I open my blinds and light my candles, etc. (That’s a must! I can’t explain it. It’s a feeling.) After I do my other morning thangs, I peek my head in my girls rooms to look at them, and then I gets right back in bed with my coffee or hot tea and open my books. My bedroom is always my favorite room in the house. If ya know, you know I’m all about decor, coziness, and comfort! My house is my home, and I don’t allow just everyone into my safehaven.

Listen! Chile, I dog on for sure ain’t fitna sit here and act like I gots it all together Monday through Sunday. Howeva, I will tell you this here. Don’t go after happiness. (I know that sounds crazy,right?! Because I get it. My husband makes me happy, my girls, and hot showers too.) But happiness is based on happenings. What if my husband hurt my feelings today. What if my daughter(s) disappointed me today. And what if the dog on water ain’t hot! GO AFTER PEACE! (I dare you to open your Bible and read John 16:33.) Peace is completeness and wholeness, even when there is no happiness in that moment. Only the devil wants you to think that happiness is a all time occurrence!

Find your peace Chile.

Enjoy your day…or night.

Talk soon.?