A Walk in the Park

Naomi and I got up this morning and started our day bright and early! Naomi’s bed time is 9:30 p.m. enough time to enjoy her daddy for awhile after work. Once she is down our little sweet pea sleeps right through the night!! Naomi has always been good with sleep though. (Praise God.) So she is up between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. I absolutely love it! So this morning we hit the ground running! Bright eyed and bushy tail! We ate and got dressed ready for the park! I was super excited because I usually just walk around the neighbor, which we both enjoy! But today I wanted to show Naomi a new scenery! I always said when she got older that I would take her to the park faithfully! But why wait! I can help my little one do all the things the bigger kids do too! So I packed the baby bag and put the petal to the metal.

Naomi was dressed super cute, as usual! She looked so adorable in her dark blue jean shorts!

When we got there we walked around just to get a feel of things since it was our first time there. There was a softball/baseball game going on. I don’t know the difference! Is that bad? (Serious face) There were a few soccer games going on too. It was cute! The kids were maybe ages 5 to 12 who were out there playing! I reminisced about when I played soccer! Oh, you ain’t know! Ya girl was good too! All the teams were different colors! I went for the purple team of course! (Duuhh) Purple is my favorite color! And you know I had to show love to the red team. Always representing the red! REDlipstickandCammies!

After that I took Naomi over to the little pond, there was a water fall too. There were ducks in the water swimming and a few geese hanging around too! I quickly tiptoed away from them though! I’m scared of them honestly! Not a fan of big birds at all! I won’t tell Naomi though not for awhile anyways! I don’t want her to be scared of things just because I am! Because if you know me you know it doesn’t take much for me to hit a B line!

Okay so after sighting seeing we got on the swings! Naomi enjoyed that! She giggled a little bit! It made me smile! I didn’t go high because I didn’t want to fall while holding her, but she got the gyst of it! After that we had a little snack time! We had a fruit cup and organic banana puffs (I ate a few myself, haha!)

Last but not least we went to the play area! We got on the jungle gym and slid down the slides. Naomi really, really enjoyed that! She was screaming in laughter. Thank God I wore my gym attire because I was dirty from doing all the work! I didn’t care though. It’s soooo amazing how Naomi’s happiness makes my world so much better! I would wallow in the mud just to see my sweet pea smile! If you are wondering, yes! I would have my bonnet and shower cap on though! (Teehee.)

Now we are home all cleaned up and relaxing! I’m ready for a nap myself! What do you say baby girl…

I love you Princess,