Classy is when you have alot to say but you choose to remain silent in front of the ignorant.

When I tell you I’m so proud of myself, I am proud of myself! Let me tell you. Alright I’m going to give you a brief run down really quick. I work at Sally’s Beauty Supply hair store about two sundays out the month, maybe three. Sunday is “me day” the day when Naomi and her “Dada” have daddy and daughter day, while I’m free of responsibilities for six hours. So on this day of all days no one will rain on my parade!

On this good good Sunday a lady and her husband, boyfriend, whom ever he was came into the store literally two minutes before closing time. I will not lie to you okay. On Sundays the store hours are 11:00 a.m.- 6:00p.m. This couple decides to come in the store at 5:58 p.m. My co- worker and I were literally just talking about locking the door while closing the second drawer down.

The lady continued to shop, with her significant other just following behind. My co-worker approaches the couple and says ” we are able to take cash only.” She was pisssed!!! In the mist of the unraveling storm, I kept my mouth shut! (Be Quiet April!!)

I let my co- worker continue to try and fix the situaion I guess you can say. She wanted to use a 15 percent off coupon and was unable to use it, Lord, let me tell you I thought horns were going to start growing out of her head. I kindly, and respectfully said to this lady “ma’am you came in the store literally a few minutes before closing time, the computer system is shut down.” She then asked why did we let her in? (Jesus be a fene) Like let you in! What?? The hours are on the door!! (I did’nt say that to her, but let me tell you what I did say…) She cursed us out called us some MOFO’s (mmmmm) I’ve never had sex with anyones mother but whatever, I opened my mouth and said as she was yelling obscenities on her way out the door. “Have a good day man, God Bless you.” Her husband (poor thing) he just stood there. A little birdie could have come along and just picked him up.

Now back in the day (and I’m not just saying this) it would have been a different scenario to this story. When I had the mentality that no one is going to talk to me any kind of way. (rolls neck, laughs loudly) thats funny looking back now. But growth, no but God!!!

Now I know you’ve heard the saying “stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Now I disagree with that saying. I have had things said to me that have hurt my feelings, shoot have hurt my feelings alot. But mind you this has been by people I have loved, people I”ve cared about. So a stranger calling me a few choice words, (shaking my head) honestly there is no slack off my back. In all the trails and tribulations we have in our lives, I’m here to tell you, it’s not what you’re called but what you answer to.

What that lady did is exaclty what I don’t want to put my husband through. Pure embarrassment!!!

I use to react because I would think  that someone saying something to me and me not saying anything back made me weak, scared, made me a punk. I had to say something, I had to prove a point to people, I had to prove a point to myself. See being the bigger person makes you look like the smaller person. (thats where that pride kicks in)

Only a fool talks loud and is saying nothing…

My husband and my daughter happened to be at the store while all this foolishness transpired, and one thing for sure, two things for certain I REFUSE to act a fool in front of my child. If you are’nt phyically causing me any harm or my family, you can talk your talk. I’ll wave good bye to you (you can see my bomb manicure honey.)

Moral of the story is after all the (bleep bleeps) I was called yesterday, the words that stood out to me were “I’m so proud of you.” That’s what my husband said to me. (I’m smiling.)

Be aware that in life ten percent is what happens to you and ninety percent is how you react to it, we are in charge of our attitude.” -Charles Swindol

I’m Just Saying….