…Chicken Head

Ya’ll!!! It has been one year today, that I have not eaten any beef or pork.


Wow! Like, I don’t know whether to insert a song right here or not!But yeah. One whole year. I know it’s no turning back now. Why would there be? Shoot!

Oh! How I would fry me a pork chop, and tear it up! The pork chops with the bone in it! Son! You talking about some good eating. Man! And a cheese burger. Hold up. I’m fitting to have a Jesus moment. I was never big on bacon cheese burgers. They were far from nasty. But looking back over my cheese burger life, I didn’t order bacon on my burger, unless I was getting a junior bacon cheese burger from Wendys. WOW!!! That is really so crazy to me. I hardly ever go through a drive through these days. Although I did pull up in the Sonic drive threw, Christmas Eve for that Butterfinger Shake. Chile! That shack will change ya life. I love butter finger. Butter finger blizzards, butter fingers ice cream, butter finger! But yeah, like I was saying, the cheeseburger. I always ordered only cheese outside of Wendys. Oh my gosh. When I worked at Applesbees, I stayed eating cheeseburgers. When I was training for the 10k marathon I did with my aunt and two friends. I went on a strict diet. Like, no games. I ran 4 days a week, and watched closely what I ate. Once I dropped about 25 pounds, which it seems like my weight fluctuates so much. When I would have my cheat days, once every two weeks. I would get a cheeseburger before work. So, I could walk it off during my shift. I would get to work an hour early, depending on what I was doing. I mostly did that on a Thursdays after class. Yeah Chile. I’d get to work early and order my cheeseburger and French fries, and I have my bottle of water. Chile, let me tell ya. Cheeseburgers were JAM! That was a hard one to let go of. But man, oh man. A grilled T- Bone steak. Jesus!!! Hold up! Let’s have a moment of silence.
Chiiiiiiile!!! Say my name. Say my name. A GRILLED STEAK WAS EVERYTHING.

You know the crazy thing about this whole thing is? I remember I had gained weight over the Christmas holiday last year. I was like 176, I think. Not a comfortable weight for me. So, I have a ‘Lets Get Fit’ Board on Pinterest, (I love me some Pinterest!) and I was looking at ‘At Home’ work outs. It was freezing, North Pole cold in Cleveland by now of course. And I was not fitting to take me, or my child outside to go to the gym, even though deep down I really wanted too. Some days if it wasn’t crazy cold, we would go. But I needed to get use to working out at home too. I prefer to not work out at home, but if you know Cleveland you know you better get you a little work out mate from 5 Below and get to it in front of your TV, at home! Working out at home is really a challenge for me, but that’s more of the reason to do it, it’s a challenge. I don’t always succeed, but I really to do better at it. And I am too. I am really trying to build up my self-discipline in that area. Being I gained like thirteen pounds over the holiday last year, I knew that working out was going to be a challenge for me, especially in the house. So, I really buckled down on my eating. I scrolled Pinterest for ‘Food Prep’ Boards, and ‘Healthy Eating’ Boards, so I could lose me some weight. And I ran across a few post, and one said:
1. No Sugar/Juice
2. No Fast Food
3. No Fried Foods
4. No Canned Foods
5. No Beef or Pork

Boom! Just like that I said, ‘Okay, I’m doing this. I mean, what is three months? Three months came and went, and I lost weight too. Like, 18 pounds. I was like shoot, let me keep this here up. And I did. I decided I wasn’t going to eat beef or pork anymore. Like, there was no real under lying reason for me. I don’t have a deep, profound story about the health issues of beef or pork. I mean, I eat a lot of chicken! And of course, now more than ever. It’s something wrong with everything. Anytime they say you can die from drinking too much water. Ya know? *Ha-ha. But yeah, I wanted to try something that would help me lose weight, and I did. So, I wanted to keep doing it. Now, I will say this. My body feels so much better. I don’t feel as bloated and stuffed anymore. Like, even when I cheat now on my meals, I don’t feel ‘stuffed’ you know what I mean? I think after six months I wanted to start back up, but then I was like, ‘For what?’ After going without it for 6 months, why go back? That’s half a year, shoot. So, boom! What do you know, I’m beef and pork free!! ? And for real, for real. It wasn’t even close to being as hard as I thought. It really wasn’t. When you really make ya mind up about something you’re going to do, or not going to do. You do just that!! And that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t playing. I wanted to lose weight. And I was serious. I still cook Rob and Naomi beef and pork, sometimes. Everything is ground turkey in this here house. Taco Tuesday. Cheeseburger Nights. Spaghetti. All ground turkey. I still fix him pork chops, ribs, and bacon. But, chicken is at the top of the food chain here. And, Naomi loves her some wings. She will tell you when she wants some chicken too.
So yeah, happy good ole anniversary to me!! I am so proud of me! Like, I consistently did what I said I was going to do. I didn’t go back on my word once. So, yeah. GO ME!!
Sometimes you just gotta say what you mean, and mean what you say!

I’m Just Saying…

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