How Do You Go Half On A Baby?…

Today is my Husbaes 31st birthday!

Happy Birthday Handsome!

I have a true story for you. And as much as it was unexpected, unfortunate, and heart breaking. It’s a bit funny. And I say, ‘heartbreaking’ because I literally cannot stand to see my baby sick. Even in the simplest form! I have helped in saving many lives from multiple experiences in the Emergency Room, and  in the in back of an ambulance. Everything then was like second nature. But when it comes to my own daughter, I freak out and panic when something isn’t right. Once again, thanks baby. You are everything. And then I say ‘funny’ because we thought we were going to be playing a little bit of Marvin Gaye, with some Luther Vandross. But umm…yeah.

So, here’s a true story for you…

It was 8:30 at night when Rob and April put their daughter Naomi down for bed. April read Naomi two books before saying their prayers, and kissing Naomi ‘night night.’ During the early part of the night, April recognized Naomi was sniffling and sneezing more than she liked. So, she decided to give her some medicine before bed. Naomi drifted off to sleep pretty fast. April and Rob were happy to say the least. If ya know what I mean. Bedtime is 8:30 p.m. Most nights it’s easy. Some nights, you just neva eva know.

April and Rob enjoy a little TV on the couch, before they decide to take a shower and spend the rest of the night under each other. A little extra kinky alone time on Robs birthday never hurt anybody. (*Inserts winking eye, ha-ha.)
Naomi starts to cough, and April runs to the bedroom to check on her. Knowing that her daughter was catching a cold. April was already dreading how sick her daughter could possibly be. She checked her daughters forehead to see if she had a temperature. Thank God there was no fever, but April didn’t like the fact she was a little warm.

April, literally prayed out loud that it was not the stomach virus that her daughter was coming down with.  Naomi drifted back to sleep and April left the bedroom.

April just knew tonight would be, ‘one of those nights’ by 12 o’clock midnight.

An hour and a half passes by, when Naomi woke up coughing violently, like gagging! Rob believes she may have choked on her own salvia/phlegm while she was sleeping. And April on the other hand just didn’t know. All of a sudden, Naomi starts to gag as if she is going to projectile vomit. It was so loud and painful sounding. She was like, dry heaving.

April was on pins and needles pacing back and forth between the bedroom door and the hallway. Rob holds Naomi in his arms, and says to his daughter, “It’s okay if you throw up on me baby.” That’s one thing that April loves about her husband. He knows how to take control of a situation, keep April calm, and soothe a dry heaving, gagging baby all at the same time. April be a mess down bust down. So, Rob and April waited on the vomit that never came (Thank God.)

So, instead of climbing on top of each other for some birthday loving. They got in bed with Naomi and took turns watching their Princess while she slept. It was a restless night. Every time Naomi moved, coughed, or sniffled, Rob and April would wake up from their slumber.

April instantly wakes up to Naomi coughing. To no surprise Rob is already awake. Naomi whines for her ‘Dada’ to cuddle her in his arms. Eventually, Naomi wants her Momma.

And that is why April is up at 4:57 a.m. sharing this story with you. All the thirty-one things that did not happen for Robs 31st birthday!

P.S. Not to mention Naomi is up right now, bright eyed and bushy tail. Smiling, sniffling, and sneezing, while watching, ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. With all her furry animals. Max, Duke, Gidget, and the dang rabbit, Snowball. All in my bed!!!

I promise you kids be cock blocking and don’t even know it!

Happy Birthday Superman.


A Happy Wife & Sleepy Momma.


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  1. This was truly a good read, almost like I was there. Y’all are some wonderful parents and couple. Be blessed❤

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