What scares me most?
*Clears throat. *
Loving, him.
My safe haven.
I don’t want life without him.
I pray this constantly.
Jesus, please.
“Who can I trust if it isn’t you?”
The chemistry.
We connect like magnets.
I am him and he is me .

Going down memory lane.

 I had my doubts.
I thought someone would come and take him away.
Years of the rift raft.
You can’t stand me, and I hate you too.
Burning rubber just to see his face.
I would get to him and be so clueless in what to do, in what to say.
We held on to that friendship like a crutch.
It’s what kept us grounded.
But we weren’t friends.
Friendship, after a breakup, is just an overrated Band-Aid that doesn’t even cover up the severity of the wound.
Let alone protect it.
What’s going on?
I want, I need to know.
You wrap me in your arms.
And you cradle my soul.
I still can’t read ya mind.
I want to know.
Am I safe with you?
Are we safe together?
I’m in love with you.
Tell me.
It’s you.
If it isn’t you, then it’s no one…
We debate about who loves who more.
The capacity of the love that I have for you.
It’s a lot to this thing we got.
My answered prayer.
My hope.
My wildest dream.
At the end of it all….

I love you Superman.