Lordy going into to mommy mood can get real scary! For those who know me know I’m extra! For those who don’t personally, I’m extra MMM…K! In any normal circumstance I’m extra. Like for instance I’m super-duper scared of bugs ok. So if I see a tiny spider down stairs in the foyer and I’m screaming for help I will probably tell you that the spider I’m running from, literally is the size of a baby frog. If I burn my tongue on a cup of hot tea I will probably react as if my entire body is on fire and I need to stop drop and roll. That’s me! I have embraced it and I love it because that’s me. That’s just one of the many things that makes me April. So whenever there is something really happening buckle up for safety. It can get real real really fast. (No, I’m not that bad!…am I?)

Last night after Naomi had got her bath and prepped for bed she was very warm to the touch! So instantly I knew she had a fever. I got the thermometer to check the exact temperature and it read 100.3. The thermometer lite up in red and said fever. I was like ROB! NAOMI! HAS A FEVER! It’s crazy because being an EMT who has pulled many calls I was still lost in the sauce. I’ve volunteered and have worked at quit a few hospital facilities and yet I still look like a deer in head lights. Like I don’t know the protocol of a baby with a fever, I’ve done it more times than I literally can count, but it never was my sweet pea. So I proceeded to take directions from rob and like five other people, who all said the same things!! When I look back on my reactions to things I realize I get on my own nerves!! I DO!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch Naomi is laughing and playing in her bouncer (Which was a good sign because if she was fussy I would have really freaked out.) and Rob is cool as a fan and I’m frazzled. What’s wrong with this picture? (MMMM…) So I checked her temperature three hours later, I had an alarm clock set to make sure that I didn’t go pass exactly three hours! The thermometer read 97.4. Look at God won’t he do it? (Yessss!!) That was Naomi’s first fever since she’s been born so I freaked a little bit. All in all I think I did darn good though. Naomi wasn’t feeling the cool little rag I kept placing on her forehead, and the back of her neck. After pulling it off repeatedly she gave up in the tug a war we had going on while Rob set back and laughed at us.

Naomi has been teething since 5 months, (It kind of started after Christmas too she was 4 months, but it was a here and there thing) but it done got real now! We are leaving 6 months and entering 7 months. So we will see what this lucky 7 will bring us. However, I can’t wait until I see her first little tooth. (I’m smiling.)

I will say this though; we all slept good that night. Morton ain’t nothing but the truth honey!!!!

I love you sweet pea.

Mommy’s Baby!

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