Pizza Face

When I was pregnant my skin was flawless!! I absolutely loved it MMM….K! When they say you are glowing, they mean it. Rob silly self would always ask “are you sweating?” He’s so simple!! (HAHAHA) I use to say “no boy I’m glowing!!!” (Duck lips.)

So anyways, it was about two weeks after I had Naomi I started to see these white spots on my face on my cheeks. It was worse on the right side of my face. Some of the spots were small and some were bigger. They started out faint and then it was like “Oh wow my face.” I started asking Rob and friends “like do you see my face?” I was soooo self – conscious I’m like noooo not my face. I would wear makeup just to go grocery shopping. I had never dealt with anything pertaining to my face before so I was like what is going on, and it was freaking me out because the spots were white, strange right?

I made an appointment to go see my doctor. I’m all nervous because I took it upon myself to google what could possibly be wrong with my face. BAD MISTAKE! WARNING: DO NOT! I REPEAT. DO NOT! EVER! EVER! EVA!! (I THOUGHT ABOUT FRIDAY WHEN SMOKEY SAID DON’T EVER EVER COME ROUND HEA AGAIN, OKAY! HAHA ANYWAYS….) GO ON GOOGLE TO TRY AND DIAGNOSE YOURSELF ON YOUR HEALTH ISSUES! OKAY! DON’T DO IT TO YOURSELF! Maaaaan let me tell you I thought I had cancer in my cheek bones!!! And no I’m not trying to be funny okay, because I don’t play games when it comes to any illnesses! I was legit on pins and needles because I’m trying to play doctor and done (yes I said done…rolls eyes.) scared the heck out of myself!

My doctor enters the room and before she could even get a “hello” out I was already asking her a million and one questions. She looked at my face and assumed it was a few things, but was very sure that it was my hormones due to me just having a baby. She took blood and told me I would receive a call letting me know want medical move I needed to do once I received my blood results.

So I got the call from one of my doctors’ nurses saying something, something, something, because of something, something, and something! (It was a lot of medical words okay!!) All I really understood was that I needed to schedule an appointment to see a dermatologist.

I proceeded to call that following Monday (The nurse had called me on a Friday) so all weekend I’m like Lordy Jesus, paalease be a fence! You could definitely see that something was wrong with my face by this point! Monday rolled around and I made my appointment for the following week, soooo now I had to wait another week. I didn’t put anything on my face at all. I didn’t wear any makeup or use facial wash, NOTHING!!!

I finally saw my doctor and I was so overwhelmed by this point. I was talking so fast I couldn’t understand anything I said so I know dog on well he didn’t! By the time I was done bumping my gums he looked at me like girl you tripping! (HAHAHA…HE REALLY DID.) He was like “Mrs. Jones you and your face are perfectly fine! You have bacteria in your skin from your hormones from when you were pregnant.” BACTERIA IN MY FACE!!??? “Mrs. Jones it’s perfectly normal for some women after they give birth or even while they’re pregnant for these things to happen. It’s the crossing of the DNA between you and the baby.

So I thanked God for letting everything be okay and fixable that  I was soooo worried about.   My docotor said that it would only take a few months for my skin to clear up. He prescribed me a few things to help my situation. He gave me a facial wash to use twice a day, lotion to apply only where the white spots were visible three times a day, and he even gave me shampoo for my extra dry scalp I’d needed forever ago. And sure as the sky is blue and the grass is green my face cleared up in about two and a half months.

When they say pregnancy can change your body, THEY AIN’T NEVER LIED HUNNY!!! But you know what; it is all worth it, my little sweet pea is healthy and happy and that’s what really matters. Just hold on to your britches though because it can really get real really fast.

Mommy loves you baby girl, I really do!

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  1. My face got extra dry after I had Logan. I was putting moisturizer on my face 3 times a day and that didn’t work for the longest time.

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