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Hey! Hey! Hey!

OOOOHHHH HAPPY DAY! So today has been a busy day. I’ve been rolling since my feet hit the floor this morning. I did want to come through and just encourage everyone to have a good weekend and prepare you for the start of a good week!

Be happy, be at peace, love, and especially love yourself. Whatever happened last week, or yesterday let it be. Just pray about it, humble yourself and keep it moving. Granted, somethings are easier said than done, but somethings are just simply out of our hands. So let it be. Trust the process, everything happens for a reason and when things are meant to fall in place, they will! Don’t carry the weight of yesterday. Yesterday isn’t worried about you, so don’t worry about yesterday. It’s a burden, and burdens weigh you down and cripple your thoughts. Smile. Kill madness with kindness. If someone hurt your feelings, or boiled your potato don’t waste energy trying to get pay back. Every moment of life counts. Hey what the heck, maybe you offended someone. Be the bigger person. Apologize sincerely and keep it moving. Remember being real is being able to check yourself.

Well I’m about to finish my Saturday projects. I pray that the rest of this day continues to bring you peace, love, and happiness!!! Smooches my loves.

And always remember only a fool trips over what’s behind them

I’m Just Saying….