Mix & Match

Okay so, let me let you in on something about me really quick. (Hahaha.) This is funny and clearly different because everyone is like “Really April.”

I’m only writing this now because at this very moment it is bothering me sooooo bad (Errr.) Right now my finger nails are white and my toes nails are white!!! And when I tell you that it is working on my nerves! IT IS WORKING ON MY NERVES!!! Last week my nails were like a light purple with lots of sparkle on them! Really cute gel polish. So one night I polished my toes white, not knowing that I would want my nails to be white when I got them done. You’re probably like “what?” I know I would be too if I were you. What I mean is whenever I’m about to get my nails done I feel the color I want. So the sun is all out and bright and I can just see summer miles up the road. So when I went to the nail shop I’m like I really want white gel polish, so that’s what I got.

Now I’m going have to ask Rob can he take off my toe nail polish because I don’t want to mess up my nails. Gel nails are too expensive to be playing around with…MMMK! My toe nails need to be purple right now! Seriously!

So yes that’s a pet peeve of mines, matching finger nail and toe nail polish! I promise this is the first time in years that my finger nails and toe nails are the same color, and trust me it is by default.

I just thought I would share that with you.

Hey! And don’t judge me! I’m sure you’re just a tad bit weird too!

I’m Just Saying…

2 thoughts on “Mix & Match

  1. Lol ……not sure if you know but I change my Polish on my toes all the time and since you have gel Polish the nail Polish remover won’t hurt your Polish on your nails at all.

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