My Lifestyle Change

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Hey Chile. So how is it going?
So, if you haven’t recognized already I have done a serious lifestyle change in the last three weeks, and I am so in love! I have been working out 5 days a week! Along with that I am also training myself to be able to jump rope my behind off!! My goal right now is to be able to jump rope for 1 minute straight. After I conquer 1 minute then I will move onto 2 minutes and so forth and so on. Right now I can jump rope for 52 seconds straight. I am almost there! And Chile you can’t tell me nothing okay! I can’t even lie, I love when people big me up! Ya know tell me they are proud of me or whateva. It makes me feel so good. My husband be like, I see you baby. But listen, nothing can compare how proud I am of my dog on self. Like, I am so so so proud of me. It’s one thang when people are proud of you. But to me, it ain’t nothing like being proud of yaself.

So, I have had a few folk ask me what gave me this push that I seem to suddenly have to workout. And to keep it a hundred with you this dang Corona virus is what gave me the extra boost I so needed. So, if you don’t already know I am a stay at home mom, CEO of home, yeah. So I’m pretty much used to being at home a lot. However, me and the girls have a list of thangs to keep us booked and busy during the day. We have picnics on the football field. We sit right in the in zone. We walk a lot!! Walking is our jam. The playground sees us about 4 times a week. The library is a norm for us. We visit the PX (military living) for Starbucks and slushes on the regular too. Simple pleasures are life treasures for me. It doesn’t take much for me to appreciate thangs these here days Chile. I ain’t even lying. Getting up going to Starbucks in the morning before my husband goes to work and the girls wake up is a vibe fa me. So when this virus came along and we had to be quarantined I was like okay, I need to figure something out. The little thangs that gave me pleasure before suddenly got taken away. Listen, the ideal mind is the devils work shop, and I don’t play about my peace. So, I decided to finally get my mind right and start working out. Getting to the point where I became self disciplined and determined enough to work out was one thang but to do it at home was anotha. I am not lying when I say that I would pray for self discipline and consistency. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to stop snacking. But I made every excuse to not workout.

Being stuck at home is a lot! This virus will take more people out mentally before it will physically. I refuse to be stuck in the house worried. That ain’t gone help nothing or nobody. I follow the rules and plead the blood of Jesus on everything and everybody and keep it pushing.

Back in 2015, when I had my first daughter, I really find out what quiet was. It scared me. In a way I really don’t know how to form in words. Before I got married and had kids I was a road runner, a busy body. I was never not doing something. Whether I was doing it alone or with somebody. One reason I stayed busy was because I didn’t wasn’t to have enough time to sit and think about a lot of thangs. So I over compensated. I worked two jobs, I was in school, I worked out four days a week, (I had a trainer so I didn’t play about being in the gym for one reason it was expensive), I was always clubbing, partying, traveling whatever, however. As long as I wasn’t sitting still was good enough for me. I mean, I’m naturally so a busy body. I’m not one to sit around a lot. My husband be like, Baby just sit down and relax. When I moved to Cleveland and was at home alone, I finally knew what it was like to sit with me and my thoughts like for real, for real. And Chile, when I tell you that the ideal mind is the devils work shop, IT IS!! I have spent the last years getting to know me and it has been painful and perfect all at the same time. I’ve always been someone who can be by myself. That wasn’t the problem. The fact of the matter was when I moved, I didn’t have anything to do. I was in a new place. I didn’t know anyone but my husband who was at work a lot. I mean, yeah I did have a baby to keep me busy, but it was different. It was a whole new world for me. I was treading on unknown territory. I had everything I wanted. But my life had changed drastically. I was happy to be married to the love of my life. We just had a baby. I was comfy cozy in our new apartment. But the more I was alone, the more I realized I didn’t know me. I realized I avoided a lot of thangs I chose not to think about because I didn’t have time. I was on such a fast pace in life, when thangs slow down everything came to the forefront of my mind. And now, I had nothing but time to think. And believe me when I say it did not always feel good.

I now have a amazing relationship with myself. Which is very important. Rather you’re married, single, whateva. I am so in love with me. I haven’t always been. I haven’t always been good to me. It’s been times when I didn’t even like me. I’m so serious. Me being a stay at home mom was a blessing and a curse in the beginning for me. Now, oh now I love my life. I have learned to purely appreciate it for exactly what it is. I’m so blessed. It’s what I prayed for when I was single and wanting to be married. I always prayed that I would be able to live out my dreams, check of my goal list, and be at home with my babies. In the beginning, being at home with my daughter wasn’t just the a blessing, but becoming intuitive with myself was too. I didn’t realize how distant I was from me until I set at home.

So, I said all that to say this. I wanted to feed my mind with something that is going to be beneficial for me physically and mentally while we’re stuck in the house. Because the devil is busy. And I won’t fitna be sitting around worried about something I cannot control. I know me. I know I had to gone head and get right so I would not fill my days with worry, boredom, laziness, or over indulging with this sudden change of being stuck in the house. I spend my me time watching other people workout on YouTube so I can expand my workouts weekly. Watching jump rope workouts and routines is my fave. And I educate myself more on nutrition.

I love seeing my body change. I mean naturally so I want my body to be right and tight. I want to be healthy for my family, etc. Ya know all that good stuff. Working out strengthens me mentally as well and I really do think I love that more than anything for real. The fact that I practice self discipline and consistency is major. I am no longer in my own way. And it feels so good. I’m doing what I said I would do and I am getting it done with no excuses. What can I say, I’m just simply proud of me.

I pray you and your family are safe, healthy, and sound minded at home. #LoveandLife

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