Night Time Routine

I wrap my hair. I put that bonnet on. I take those earrings off. I mostly wear diamond studs these days. I haven’t worn hope earrings in years, literally. I hop in that shower, sing my butt off. Apply my face mask, lotion up, and I put on his t-shirt and crawl right in bed. Whew Chile, I likes to be comfy cozy!

I take my bed time serious. I fill out my planner of thangs I did during the day. I check off the thangs I didn’t do and make them a priority for the next day. It’s like once I read to the girls, say prayers, and hit that night light button, it becomes lit city for me! It’s time to party in my mind. Right up in my bed. (Ha.) Ummm…well.

Okay so, some of my favorite thangs to do at the end of the night once everything is quiet is:

You already know I’m fitna light my candle. Candles are a vibe and a mood for me. And I take it very seriously. It’s never not a time when a candle is not lit in my house. I mean except for when I’m not at home, duh.
I like to read my books. Yes, books with an S. Right now my favorite read is, “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. I read one chapter out of each book every night. (Now lately, it’s been hard. I’m back working out now and the struggle is really real. I be tired!)

My favorite read right now! I definitely recommend this book.

I drink me a glass of “vitamin water.” (You thought I was going to say wine right? Nah Chile.) “Vitamin water” is 2 lemon slices, 1 lemon wedge, and a whole lemon squeezed in a glass. Then I take a orange and do the same exact thang. Fill the glass with ice cold water or hot water depending on the mood, and boom, there ya go. Tryna to keep from getting sick around here. I also make my oldest daughter, Naomi one too. She really enjoys it! Which makes me happy. I love how she’s a healthy eater.

Most nights my husband and me watch our weekly tv shows or a movie. That’s one of my favorite parts of the night. It’s like a little date night at home with snacks. I love cuddles with the husbae. ♥️

At night I can really binge click on Pinterest. Add new boards, pin, and post my own images for my website. I love me some Pinterest Chile. I get my nail ideas from there. (Even though I’m pretty simple these days. Bomb shape, neutral, natural kind of gal.) Oh yeah! I absolutely love house decor. So Pinterest is definitely the place to be for me. By the time I’m done with Pinterest I’m ready to go to sleep so I can dream about my dream home and how I want to decorate it.
If my husband happens to doze off before me, I listen to music. I put one head phone in and drift off into sounds and lyrics while pinning pins on Pinterest. (You know my second language is music right?) Sometimes I legit listen to the same song all night. I will play the heck out of a song now Chile. Sho will. Sometimes the song gets so good that I restart it before it’s even ova. Can’t nobody tell me that music ain’t good for the soul.

And last, depending on my mood. I watch some of my favorite Youtubers. I enjoy when people do commentary on certain topics.

But above all. You best believe I’m going say my prayers.

I’m Just Saying…


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