Ya Mans T-Shirt or Some Sexy Lingerie?

So you tryna put on ya mans t-shirt or some sexy lingerie, ya know, when it’s one of those nights?

Happy Valentines Day!

Now I know for some this day is a drag. I’ve always loved and enjoyed VDay. I remember being a little girl and my daddy having cute gifts for me mom, brother, and me. IT’S LOVE DAY!

When I was single, me and my girls used to dress up all cute and go out to eat. Hit up a bar. We even exchanged small gifts. For the record you don’t have to have a man to enjoy this day girl! I’ve treated myself to a spa day and nice flowers once for VDay too. Don’t get me wrong now. It’s been a couple of blah VDays for me. The ones when I was so ready for the day to just be ova with. I wanted that butterfly feeling on this day full of hearts, flowers, candy, and bears too ya know. But it was so far out of reach. But, whateva.

I’ve heard other couples who are not so big on VDay! And hey! Whateva floats ya boat honey Chile. But, me and mines. Oh we are definitely participating in this day. I think it is so important when you’re married and you keep the vibe of love and like going for sure, for sure. And I feel like Valentines Day is one of those days where you can doing something fun. Simple pleasures are life’s pleasures! I’m tryna tell ya. It’s just the cuteness of the day. Little cute gifts, flowers and cards. Before my husband and me got married we did cute little thangs on VDay. So just as much as we did these cute, quirky thangs then, we will still date and do them now.

I’m super excited about having another special edition this year. (Yaaay!) So she will get to be part of the family love festivities. Awww, my heart.

So yeah! What do you prefer though? Some sexy lingerie? Or ya mans over sized t-shirt?
I personally think they both are sexy in a different way. I mean, you can’t go wrong with some sexy lingerie. Some black, red, white, and nude. Ooh. I love nude. But I must say…

It’s something bout his t-shirt.
I’m Just Saying…?

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