The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice!!

Oh, I got time today. Excuse me I have time today. (Rolls eyes)

First let me make myself very, very clear! I am not racist a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another, nor am I prejudice on any levels what so ever. Hold up let me rephrase that. I am very, very prejudice towards people who feel as if they are superior towards others due to their skin color. (Please do not flatter yourself.) I’m just going to throw this on olut there right now. If you feel that you will be sensitive towards racial conversation, facts about black and white. Then this here blog is not for you and I do mean that with the most sincerity. People change. Memories remain the same. My aim in writing this blog is not to offend anyone, but if the shoe fits… wear it. (And I do mean that) I will not and I refuse to speak vaguely about a personal experience that I encountered because I am black.

Now that I have the formalities out of the way let’s jump right on in. (clears throat.) Okay for those who do not know I am black, and my husband, yeah he’s black too. (Shout out to you baby, smooches!) Now I have had some things said to me or even around me in a racist manner, but in twenty six years of living on God’s green earth I have never been “tried” (Oh yeah she tried it.) on February 28th, 2016 that’s right your girl keeps tabs on everything I can tell you what I was doing today last year. Let me give you a quick briefing about this beautiful Sunday. And I I’ll say this in the most PG manner! Because you and I both know that I could use a few chose words, but I know better. (Thank God for Jesus.) I would only be being ghetto anyways. When you are in the presence of a stupid person not intelligent: having or showing lack of ability to learn and understand things. Stupid is not a word I use loosely but let’s refer back to what I said earlier, if the shoe fits…WEAR IT!!! When a grown woman has the audacity to fix her mouth to my husband and myself and say “oh, so you got your taxes back?” The first thing I did was look behind me to left, and then I looked behind me to my right. I was looking for Jesus! (Shaking my head, LITERALLY RIGHT NOW!!) This is what an elderly white sales representative said to Rob and me at Ashley’s Furniture store. Now I know it’s a few of you that are like why didn’t I say anything right? For what? God is good, and what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained! Her illiterate self-continued to ask us multiple times did we want to be on a sixty- month payment plan. NOW DON’T GET IT TWISTED YOUR GIRL HAS BEEN ON A FEW PAYMENTS PLANS! That’s not the point though. Okay. Why would you even make a stupid comment like that? Even if you thought it, I would think basic common sense and courtesy would allow you to keep your mouth shut! I’ve learned common sense is not all that common though in this here life.

Rob peruses to tell the small minded woman, “No I want to pay up front for the furniture we purchased. She looks at us like a deer in head lights. That lady found herself by herself, Rob and I were out the double doors on our way to the next furniture store. While she’s so concerned about our funds she just lost out on that commission. Toodles!! One monkey don’t stop no show around here. (You caught that slang; yes I am rolling my neck too) MMM…maybe I shouldn’t use monkey so loosely, If you catch my drift. Why can’t we just be hard working citizens whom God (big ups to you God) has blessed finically? CRICKETS…I’ll wait!

See a lemon, squeeze a lemon. (Hahaha…that was random I just saw that quote in my notes.)

Any who back to the facts. You want to know what really ruffles my feathers? When some of the same people who “Thank you for serving our country young man.” Are the same ones who look differently when Rob is outside of his Marine Corps. Uniform. I am a very proud Marine wife by the way. And I peeped it out…I be looking with my looking self. My husband is defiantly looked upon differently in his uniform than what he is outside of it. Please believe that. It’s downright pathetic if you ask me.

Now, why is it that when “they” “them,” “those people”, speak out on things pertaining to race it’s a problem? I’ll wait. Oooh yeah, I got time today!!

Michael Kors says, (For those who don’t know already this may knock your socks off) “I’m tired of pretending I like blacks, I can’t stomach the thought of my purses being stuffed with synthetic hair, weave, or whatever else my fans are into.” Someone please correct me if I’m wrong! Please! Since when have black women been the only women to wear weave? I’ll wait! I told you I got time today! Don’t you worry about Mr. Kors you will never (They say never say never) NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVA get another dime from me. You can bet your purses on that, sir.

Buzz Feed Life, top post 497,067 Reviews (Go read! What will I gain by lying to you?)

“Black model walks the runway wearing MAC lipstick. Shortly after the photo was posted, one user commented on Instagram with extremely racist remarks.”

“Black women will never be as beautiful as white woman.” “The only argument blacks have is they have more melanin like that matters.” I’ve never known a tanning salon to go out of business!!

“Yes white women can get injections and when they do, they are basically flawless, keep lying to yourselves thinking your dark asses look better.” Black don’t crack baby, my mother is fifty four still looking like forever twenty one, what face lift?

“I’d rather be a cracker with injections than look like the majority of you oily yet ashy at the same time people.” Well I guess your white friends putting shea butter on their ashy black tail boyfriends then huh?

While we are out here “thugging” it out being “ghetto” black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. Oh, yeah we are also the most educated in the United States, go do your research.

Let me just say this real quick, I love my daughter with everything I have and everything I do not. It isn’t anything in this world that I have been or will ever be that is more rewarding than being a mother! This is the hardest most rewarding job I have partaken in. My husband and I with the grace of God will raise our daughter to the best of our ability with morals, integrity, respect, and love, despite their race or gender. I don’t give a dog on if E.T. or Casper is in her class she will treat them with the same respect as everyone else!

However, it breaks my heart that there will be a day, and there will be a day. That I will have to explain to my child that she will not be given the same respect because of her race and gender.

It’s accepted for the KKK or Klan (name of three district past and PRESENT movements in the United States. First Klan 1865-1870’s members are unknown. The second Klan 1915-1944 3,000,000 members. The third Klan 1946- present 5,000-8,000 members.) to bluntly flaunt hatred towards blacks, but let someone say Black Panther’s Party for Self- Defense. SELF- DEFENSE!!! The panthers practiced militant self- defense of minority communities against the government. Every action causes for reaction. Does it make it right? Maybe, or maybe not, does it make it a reality? Yep! Please don’t be doubled- standard you hypocrite!

What’s more foreign than one person attempting to shame another and falsely make themselves superior?

I’m Just Saying…

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