Soooo-oooo-ooo, maybe I should have assumed different, but, umm, who the heck was going to tell me that I was going to be exhausted times ten during this move, and it’s not even officially started yet! I mean, why didn’t I think I wouldn’t be tired? That’s the real question! Laaawd!  Jesus be a fence!!! When I tell you I’m dog on near one eye opened and one eyed closed talking to you! I am!

Okay, so, we got on the road Thursday night, and got to our destination Friday morning, like, 6:30 a.m. DID NOT go to sleep at all, at all when we got to our destination. Crazy move. I should have at least laid down and closed my eyes, even if it was only for 15 minute. AND I had to be out of the house by 2 o’clock to attend a tail gate and a concert. Listen, by the time Lauren Hill started singing I was making up my own lyrics to Ex-Factor. One Mic came on (Nas) and I kept saying, all I need is one bed. We got home that night about 1 o’clockish. DEAD DOG TIRED!! Check this out though. All my family and friends were trying to get IHop once we got home. I was hungry, but too sleepy to eat. I’m like, why are ya’ll thinking about food right now? I went to bed hungry and did not care! I used the little bit of strength I had to shower, and to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom to get my tail in bed. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

And then I woke up still feeling like I walked from Ohio to Virginia. Baa-bay! Let me tell you! I’m still hurting. I just can not get right! I need to get hooked up to a IV or sumn! Saturday was pretty busy was pretty busy too. Remember now, Thursday we packed and got on the road, and Friday was the concert. You follow? Okay, so Saturday, we went to the grocery store and then my Uncle cooked on the grill. We all called it a night about, 3 o’clock I believe. Yeah, that       because it was not 4 o’clock yet. I’M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IN THE SAM HILL AM I RUNNING OFF? ?? I mean, my friend Tiffany did warn me about how chaotic moving can be. And trust me, I learned to be be thankful that Naomi isn’t in school my first time moving. I’ve been so busy doing this and doing that, that I didn’t stop to think to tell myself to sit down for a minute. I think I’ve been so high off Rob being home, that nothing else mattered. And then it got real!

In all honesty though, Naomi is doing so good. So, so, proud of her. I pray she continues to be a travel baby, or better yet, someone that likes to travel period. She is so good on the road. She eats, sleeps, hangs with ha DaDa for awhile ( I be sleep.) and then she goes back to sleep. Ya got to be thankful for the small things ya know. It’s just so hard to stay on my health is wealth get up. Those who know me, know. As soon as I get settled in and relaxed, I’m going to hit up the grocery store, and run straight to the frozen veggies! My body is trying to get back to what it knows, ya know.

Oh, yeah, did I even mention that I have a cold, and that I gave it to my butter pecan. My poor baby. But she’s taking it like a champ. She only complains when it’s late at night. You know how everything seems to get worse at night when you really think about it.

Man, listen, I don’t know how people can sit around and just eat junk food all day. All that junk food I was eating had me feeling, BLAH!!! My body just felt yucky, bloated, and stuffed with grease. I feel like I will feel a lot better this weekend though. Maybe the early parts of next week for sure. My body has been screaming for help for weeks. I’ve eaten so many fries that I dream about them, LITERALLY! Not to mention I gained weight. I am trying to get this four pounds off me, plus some. I mean, it never hurt to loose a little more weight then you planned, right? With my round face self. Err. I’ll blame it Naomis ice cream birthday cake too!!! But you know what? I’ve even been working out, little work outs on Pinterest. They be legit too. I think I am going to do Speed 2 with Shaun T tomorrow, one of my favorite work outs, I love doing Speed 2!! I love Shaun T period. He’s amazing.

So yeah, that’s my life right now. But! I am loving and appreciating this whole adventure! I won’t complain, well, not anymore. *Haha* Things could always be worse.


Man, listen! I’m not even about to lie to you right now! This post has been saved in my drafts for like, two, three days. I am sooo sorry! I am. As you know I have a lot going on. I just needed some sleep. I’m talking about hibernating in bed for hours without getting up, not even to pee. I’m not talking about a nap. I’m talking serious bed time my friend. I needed to reload. As crazy as it may sound, I looked at myself in the mirror Thursday night (its now Sunday) before I worked out, and was like, ‘hey girl.’ I ain’t lying when I tell you that I didn’t even recognize myself. My complexion was darker, I had dark spots under my eyes, my skin was dry as all get out, and my body just felt like mush.

So, I have pretty much gotten over my cold. Except for a random cough, here and there. My Lil’ Bit is still a bit sick. *Sad face* But she is getting there, she’s so sweet. I just love her life.

Let me just say this here. I am very  proud of how I’ve been working out on vacation. It’s a first!!! I always say I’m going to do it, and then of course I don’t. But I have made a vow with myself. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is for here on out! I can’t make things happen, if I don’t make things happen, ya feel me. I really really need to be better at finishing what I have started. Or else I will have a pile of what if’s and regrets of not knowing cause I never tried by 40. I do not want that.

So, anyways, I just do Shaun T work outs on my lap top in the living room while everyone is either sleep or doing their own ting. I do work out with Naomi sometimes too though. Everything I do is under an hour, so it’s not to bad. It’s better than nothing at all, right? Of course it is. And don’t let anyone tell you any different either, you hear me?! Some, heck, MOST folks are only talking loud and saying nothing. So I am very proud of myslef for putting forth some effort chile, to do what I have to do while vacationing! Choosing to stay fit regardless of what is going on.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. The Jones’s are taking over the West Coast soon, and we haven’t even begun to put a dent in the trip yet. *Hahaha* I’m literally laughing right now to keep from screaming!!!! I am so new to this I can barely stand it. So my eyes are always big and my head is always moving left to right to see what is being said, or going on. I just follow beside my man, cause God knows I’m lost in the sauce. Ya’ll pray for me!! It will all be worth it, I know it. Thank you Jesus.

Alright now folks! Thank you for barring with me, in such a chaotic, happy, crazy time!! *Teehee*

With all that being said, have a blessed day!

Remember to say something great to someone today. Make a stranger smile. You never know what someone is going through. Oh yeah, remember, what you didn’t get done yesterday, do today, duh!!

Oh, yeah, one more thing, I promise.


I’m Just Saying….