A Love Note


*Haha* Remember the time when I begged you to fix me breakfast? We weren’t even together back then. You were, you still are my best friend. You fixed us bacon, eggs, and toast with strawberry jelly. I promised you I would wash the dishes if you cooked. “Deal.” Well, I never did and your mom came home fussing about the dishes. And when she asked, “who left all these dishes in the sink!” I didn’t hesitate to yell your name. *Laughs* It was sunny that day. A little bit chilly too. I remember just as if it was yesterday. 

No one has ever given me what you do. “I love you.” I love you more! “No you don’t!”

After everything in life that we’ve been through, we made it here. The roads we will travel, figuratively and literally together. But overall I am very proud of us. It’s you and me baby. Gray and old. Happy and healthy. (Thank you Jesus.)

“I’m gonna love you until my lungs give out.” -James Arthur

I love you baby.


Red Lipstick