In Ohio

Ya know, as much as I’m ready to leave Ohio, I sure am going to miss it. Ohio will always be a good memory. I mean, Ohio is where everything started. I got pregnant in Ohio. I got married in Ohio. (Columbus.) I had Naomi, my baby girl in Ohio. Ohio is where I officially became a wife, a Marines wife. Ohio will always be special. My “fresh start” was Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio! 

Time is winding down now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m so so so excited about about our new upcoming adventures. Yes! It’s definitely going to be an adventure. I can not wait to share that with you too. As anxious as I am about getting off this recruiting duty. I know I’m going to cry a bucket of tears leaving out of here. It’s soooo many things that make me emotional thinking about this place. As much as I’m ready for a fresh hello, it’s going to be pretty rough saying goodbye. 

For three years Ohio has been my home. My first home. We made this place cozy and homely with lots of Jones love.

I do appreciate the fact that I don’t get lost anymore going to the same places. No more GPSing. Well that’s unless it’s somewhere new of course. But everything else that once was new is now the norm. Isn’t it crazy how time flies. I remember the morning I officially made it to Ohio. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it was yesterday. But it doesn’t seem like it’s been going on three years either. We’ve spend numerous holidays in our first home. Whereas normally I wouldn’t be the one cooking for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now it’s me throwing down in the kitchen. I just love to see my little family enjoying the food I prepare for them, holidays or not. Yes, I cook a lot. I love to cook. I love being the woman of the house. Ohio is part of all that. Alot of my firsts happened in Ohio. Did I mention the amazing people I’ve met since I’ve been here! Oh my gosh!!! My heart is sooo full! We have a great support system here. I met quit a few people that are not military families, I wish I could pack them up and take them with me. They will truly truly be missed.

I remember being a little girl and it being like maybe 50 degrees outside and I would complain about how cold I am to my daddy, and he would say, “Chile, you don’t know cold.” When I think back to when he said that to me, I think to myself and say out loud, “You ain’t never lied daddy.” I’ve had my fair share of coldness living in Ohio. The cold doesn’t really bother me, the dang snow is the problem. I pray for days when it’s like 40 degrees outside. I even learned about Netflix when I moved to Ohio. I know what some of you are thinking. Hey, I prefer a book. Seriously. I’ve always gravitated to a radio or a book. But yeah. I’ve binged  watched sooooo many tv shows it’s unreal.

Hey!!!!!! I started my blog in Ohio!!!! I’ve had some good times, and some rough times in Ohio, but I love and appreciate every moment of it. I grew into a whole other woman in Ohio, for many reasons. Reasons that are bigger than me.

Wow!!! You know what I just thought of!!!!! I WENT TO MY VERY 1st (FIRST) MARINE CORPS BALL AS A •WIFE• in Ohio.

Something else that was very new to me that was a first in Ohio, is working at Sally’s. I’ve never worked in retail before in my life. It’s not the worse. Just know I appreciate working in a small store. Before I found out I was pregnant I had plans to get a little job and proceed with school. So that’s how I ended up at Sally’s. I work there one day a week (Sunday) not every Sunday because Sunday is family day. Whether we are in or out. But the Sundays that I happen to work is my “me time.”  I enjoy it. Even though it doesn’t take me long to miss my love bugs.

Cleveland, Ohio will always have a special place in my heart for many of reasons. Some big. Some small. Some reasons that won’t even make sense to you, but means everything to me. This duty was pretty rough. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my husband, our marriage, our strengths and our weaknesses. But through it all we stand together. Ignorance was bliss when I came here to Ohio on this duty. I didn’t really know exactly what I was walking into. I just knew I was about to be with the love of my life and that’s what’s always mattered. Together, I know we will make it through anything. **Praise God**

I’m thankful and I’m grateful.

I love you super man.

Sincerely, Red Lipstick